Grants Available for Commercial Renos in Downtown BK

The Downtown Brooklyn Partnership released this video today targeting the Eastern Gateway, the six block area of Downtown between Lafayette and Dekalb. They are offering dollar-to-dollar matching grants up to $25,000 to renovate commercial spaces in the area, in an effort to revitalize buildings with vacant upper floors. The DBP is looking for small-scale commercial businesses “to support the reactivation of these historic buildings.” If you’d like more information or want to apply for a grant, go here. Proposals are due by Friday, March 29th.
Eastern Gateway Revitalization Project [Youtube]

2 Comment

  • brooklyn is now open for business? good to know

  • This strip is mostly crappy tenaments with ground floor retail. I am not sure that you are going to get much in the way of quality commercial tenants with merely $50k renovations. Except for the small section where 29 Flatbush is being built – most of these buildings would be better off razed and replaced with modern structures (and I include the 2 black Verizon buildings in that assessment)
    Regardless the entire section will be completely transformed when 29 Flatbush and the Schermerhorn Development is completed across the street.
    The BIDs ought to use that 25k for graffiti removal and street cleaning – it will have more effect.