Eight Facades Finished at the Nine Townhouses

Considering that the first of the nine townhouses on State Street hit the market this week for $3.5 million, we decided to check up on the actual construction process. The row is mostly built out — the only building without a facade is the home on the corner of Hoyt Street. You can see a picture of that one after the jump. How do you like the gold detailing on the two gray townhomes? The final home without the facade will be different than the other designs, according to this rendering. Occupancy should happen by this summer.
One of the Nine Townhouses Now on the Market [Brownstoner] GMAP

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  • I rode down this block last night to check these out and see if I could get a sense of how loud the block is, being that it’s right off the cacophony of Jay St. and backs up to Schermerhorn St. I gotta say it seemed quiet, not a lot of thru traffic (i’m over here daily) and if the homes that are completed are a good comparison, they’ll be gorgeous.

  • Everything looks nice except those dam windows. I just hate single paned windows, reminds me too much of an office.

    I wouldn’t think that would be landmarked correct? No?

  • this is really funny, there used to be really beautifull 25 foot wide federal houses where these skinny 9 houses are now standing..they were torn down by the state for urban renewal 50 years ago…some renewal