Community Discusses the Future of Fourth

The Park Slope Civic Council reported on its recent meeting regarding safety measures for the Fourth Avenue corridor between Pacific Street and the Prospect Expressway. The group identified problem areas on the avenue, looked at big picture issues and created a “wish list” for implementing safety measures. Everyone seemed to agree on the major problem of how uninviting and dangerous 4th Avenue is to pedestrians due to speeding, the absence of greenery and the narrow medians. Suggestions included widening the medians and adding greenery, more trash bins and pick up, a separated bike lane, traffic calming and a safety plan around school zones. All this work is in anticipation of the Fourth Avenue Safety Visioning Workshop to be attended by the Department of Transportation, Marty Markowitz and the Fourth Avenue Task Force. The workshop is scheduled for next Tuesday, February 12, from 7 to 9 pm, at St. Thomas Aquinas Church, 249 9th Street (Downstairs in the Parish Hall, enter on Fourth Avenue).

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  • How many years of studying and discussing 4th avenue before anything gets done?

  • Someone suggest speed bumps just for the hilarity factor.

  • Bloomberg sealed the fate of 4th Avenue between Atlantic and the Prospect Expressway years ago. Ugly, cheap-looking apartment buildings without any street presence. It’s the Queens Boulevard of Brooklyn, used as a speedway shortcut everyday, Gowanus/BQE backup or no Gowanus/BQE backup. The subway’s underneath, which makes much difficult. The do-gooders who want to take out a lane on each side are asking for more traffic jams. And the next Mayor’s not going to have the BloomBucks arrogance or vision to do anything, much less money.

    • Actually, it was as much Bill DeBlasio as it was Bloomburg. This part of 4th ave. was in his council district and he had a lot to do with the rezoning process. Developers got a sweet deal – no requirements to provide street-level retail, plant trees (the Novo did improve part of Washington Park in exchange for staging its construction equipment there) nor to help alleviate the school crowding and other issues caused by the increase in residential density. Since City Council members have a lot of influence in zoning, they should come in w/ urban planning experience and voters should look at how much $ developers have contributed to their campaigns.

  • I must have been traveling at the wrong time of day whenever I was on it. There was always stalled traffic going at most 25-30 MPH and double-parked cars and trucks on every block. Does speeding take place after midnight?