An RFP Out to Redesign the BQE Underpass

The Atlantic Avenue BID released a Request for Proposal to envision a safer, re-designed space along Atlantic Avenue underneath the BQE. According to the organization, “we are interested in what can be done to make this space a meaningful transition zone and gateway to both Brooklyn Bridge Park and Atlantic Avenue. On either side of the highway are really wonderful destinations and this underpass is truly serving as an unpleasant barrier.” In December DNAinfo reported that the city’s Department of Small Business Services awarded the BID $75,000 for the project. The BID has already worked with the non-profit design group Planning Corps to come up with a rendering of possibilities for the underpass, above. The BID will only be accepting applications until Tuesday, February 26th.
Atlantic Avenue BID Secures Funding to Improve BQE Underpass [DNAinfo]

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  • Of course, in an ideal world they would underground the BQE, or even raze it.

    No underground ped. passage is going to be ‘pleasant’ and ‘meaninful’ (what dat mean anyway?)

  • It is an underpass, it isn’t that long of a walk to walk under, why waste the money.???

    Who comes up with these retarded ideas?????

    a “meaningful transition zone”, by the time someone realizes it si supposed to be meaningful, they will have already come out the other side>>>>.

    love it,

    meaningful transition zone = underpass.


  • Get the pigeons out and it will be fine. Poop and dead birds are really unpleasant.

  • yes, bury the bqe. the added rise in housing prices, along with green spaces around where the bqe once was would make up for the billions spent on that, not to mention air quality.

  • Yes people lets not forget to gentrefie! We still have some seniors and lower class families living in this area! We have to plant trees everywhere and make values go up so we can push the poor and the old people out of our new hippie hood!

  • The idea is for this to be the gateway/entrance to Brooklyn Bridge Park. It’s supposed to be welcoming for everyone. Right now if you’re standing at Henry & Atlantic Ave. you have no idea there’s a park just a few blocks away. If this is done right, you will know.

  • Why all the hate folks! This is not a lot of money to improve a dirty crappy underpass that is the gateway to a beautiful new park. this sound like a good idea to me. I hate walking through there as it is now.

    Money spent to make life a little more pleasant for the public is money well spent.