Video: Inside Brooklyn’s Passive Houses

Brooklyn Independent Television’s Brooklyn Review takes a look at Passive House projects happening in Brooklyn during a recent open house tour. They speak with the architects at 228 Washington Avenue, a project well known to Brownstoner readers, and 96 St. Marks Avenue, a passive condo building that hit the market in the fall. The video does a good job explaining all the components that go into a passive house and what it means to design a passive house in a historic neighborhood. Brendan Aguayo, the developer at 96 St. Marks Avenue, says that “Brooklyn has become the hub for passive house,” and he thinks that there are more passive house projects in Brooklyn than anywhere else in the country.
Passive House: Brooklyn Review [YouTube]

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  • Wow I need this badly in our house, who can I contact to get some estimates on converting our old victorian??

  • I get the idea but every passive house project I see is in mid construction. I hope to see a finished product with a real family living in it and talking about how passive house living really feels both in the flesh and in the pocketbook.

  • I suspect that this approach is only feasible with a gut rehab. In order to really eliminate air infiltration, I you would need to strip every exterior wall and redo the attic/roof. Maybe you could preserve some of the interior walls, but a lot of demo is involved in installing all new HVAC and electric