Rental of the Day: 90 Maple Street

This two-story home in Prospect Lefferts Gardens comes with a hefty price tag of $7,400/month. Sure, there are five bedrooms, four bathrooms and a private backyard. The interior boasts a lot of dark wood accents but not as much charm as you’d expect. Ultimately that price is just too high, even for a full home out in PLG. The listing’s been on the market since November without a price cut — what price seems reasonable for this type of pad?
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  • I think if I were the landlord, I’d charge $4000 but only to a single family, no roommate situations.

  • yeah, this would work well for a family.

    with larger apartments, i almost always prefer roommates because they rarely turn over. one person might leave, but the rest stay and this can go on for ten years. families end up leaving after a year or two when they save up/decide to buy.

  • This place is very 50’s mid Atlantic suburban…

    • Right; it’s one of the early ’50s houses on Maple I that were the last houses built in Lefferts Manor. They were built on he former “Todd Yard”, a fenced lot across from the Todd mansion where, I’ve been told, neighborhood kids would get the key so they could play ball.

  • Last entire house I know of in the neighborhood rented for $5700 to a group of roommates. That seems reasonable. Most normal-sized families wouldn’t need that space, and for that price would opt for a really nice 3BR in a more posh neighborhood. I think a group of professional, responsible roommates is the likeliest option. And presumably that rent doesn’t cover heat, which in the winter might be $500/mo.

    • FLH, the house that you refer to renting for $5700 (though it might have been renting for $5900) was rented last summer to a family, so this current rental is more in line with the LM Covenant (thank goodness!). This house, as well as two houses on Midwood I are getting in the mid-6000k range, and a two-story house on Midwood II is getting shy of 4k. You are right about one thing though. Can’t see this house renting for more than the larger Rutland and Midwood houses, probably in the mid to high 5k range as it does offer private parking.