Rental of the Day: 34 Crooke Avenue

This two-bedroom, two-bath penthouse unit is located in a new condo building right off the Prospect Park Parade Ground. The finishes are pretty standard as far as new developments go, although the 18-foot ceilings and private terrace will probably be a selling point for many. Asking rent: $3,000 a month.
34 Crooke Avenue [Corcoran] GMAP P*Shark

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  • They have been trying to sell that unit since last March. It’s a Scarano special, but with no mezzanine. Started at $629K with Brown Harris Stevens. Moved to Corcoran at $589K in November. The couple that owns it met in the building and also own a ground floor unit. It has very nice light, three exposures and the terrace is private. But it’s very small (second bedroom is basically half of the living room) and the finishes are cheesy: in-wall heat and air-conditioning rather than central, ugly Scarano bathrooms, DIY tile in the kitchen. There’s indoor parking and a gym in the building. It’s a nice place, the owner is just unrealistic about the market.

  • parking, terrace and two bedrooms. i think they’ll get it or very close.

    • Ugh, have you seen that block? Crooke is one of the uckiest streets in the neighbourhood. Plus, you just have to walk to the corner to see the dealers hanging out next to the mailbox. There would have to be some pretty serious amenities to make up for the location.

      • Learn how to spell and I may want to listen to you…NOT!

          • C’mon woodruff, that’s what you think?
            I’m not a realtor, I’m someone who lives and GREW UP in this area, unlike anyone that comments on this site.
            I knew it when it was really bad in the 80’s and mid 90’s, so I know what the transition and regentrification looks like…and it has changed DRAMATICALLY over the years.
            I would think that someone living on Woodruff (which used to be the worst block out of all of them) would have some appreciation of this, but like most regentrifiers, the people that are from this neighborhood just can’t get out fast enough for your taste.
            The truth is that there is more crime in FT Green and Clinton Hill than in this neighborhood. I agree, many of the landlords are bad but 95% of the people here are hardworking (primarily immigrants) families trying to keep up with the forces that are trying to push them out.
            Is there crime? Yes.
            Can things be better? Yes.
            But you all need to be a little more sensitive when you are talking about people and their homes, and refrain from your broad generalities.
            As for the name of the area, it doesn’t matter, it’s all Flatbush from the Park until you hit Midwood, around Ave I. All these micro/ made up neighbohoods are just tools that realtors use to make people not familiar with BK feel better about themselves.

            For those of you looking for a new neighborhood to live in, this one is great and I highly recommend it!

            Rant Finished

  • The block is actually fine vs “uckiest”, there are rental bldgs that are primarily filled with familes. It’s almost like a cul de sac with a nice park and the parade grounds at the end. The train is around the corner, the park is a block away and the Caldonia bldg is finally under way. Maybe not $3000, but close to it and in a few years a profit for sure!

    • absolutely. a cul de sac filled with trash and dog poop, around the corner from a park where someone was stabbed last year in broad daylight. No doubt that things will change in the neighborhood once they finish the new huge building but in the meantime Crooke continues to make the rest of the neighborhood lament…although to be fair the block between Ocean and St.Pauls is worse than this stretch. Still, $3000? Doubtful. ALso, since when is this Prospect Park South? Because around the corner we assume to still be living in Flatbush.

      • I thought/think it’s Flatbush too. And all that you say could have been said for much of Brooklyn as it rapidly changes with people paying those prices, helping the neighborhood get better and finding out they had a steal. There’s a whole article on Crown Heights, which is almost unaffordable with stabbings and dog poop galore. I’m just sayin’ that at one time no one wanted to live past Lincoln Road, now people are ragin to live anywhere near the park, the new building is up and coming and I think we’d be foolish to overlook Crooke…

  • When I walk to the B train a rush past crooke. There are always things going on there that don’t feel safe. Granted that could be said for the whole area. What also could be said about crooke is that it needs a lot of love. Unkept up houses, crime galor, and years away from being worth $3,000 for a 2 bedroom. How about instead of inflating the rents too soon, people focus on cleaning up the area and yards, the buildings and the crime. On a side note- pointing out an incorrect spelling and making a ‘not’ joke is immature.

    • I hear you – but the beginning of Crooke and Crooke between St. Paul’s and Parade are two different blocks. And again the prices all over Brooklyn are competitive if you live by the train or park. If you walk down Woodruff between St. Pauls and Ocean, you wonder how the folks pay $2 – 2.5k to live in a brownstone that is across the street from something that looks like a large project bldg. And forget about walking from Ocean to Flatbush! While the row houses on one side and the brownstones on the other are beautiful, to have to pass a GANG of folks at any time in any weather and deal with their comments and cat calls…SMH….The reality is people who want more space and to live by the park would be smart to get in on these two tiny blocks no matter the cons, because the neighborhood is transitioning rapidly.

      • it’s tolerable in the winter but the amount of crime and street noise in the summer is truly astonishing. Having been here a few years, people keep saying it’s transitioning, then nothing really changes. The majority of the landlords for the larger buildings are dreadful. They care little about what goes on in and around the buildings.

    • Are you cleaning up woodruff ave? Last I looked it looked like it could use a lot of work. Are you talking to the guys smoking blunts and hanging on the corners?
      Look, $3k is high but who are you to decide what rents are years away? I’ve seen rents in the area for $2.5K that are rat-holes…