Is Work Starting on the Gowanus Lightstone Project?

Gowanus Your Face Off spots construction marking paint around the construction site for the Lightstone project–a proposed 700 rental unit complex in the neighborhood. As GYFO notes, “The exact location of these marks is suspicious; they are confined solely to the two-block parcel of land comprising the Lightstone Group site. The timing is right, too; while previous reports indicated the Lightstone Group would not break ground on the project until ‘late 2013,’ it’s not hard to imagine a scenario in which they decided to get an early start.” Neighbors opposing the project have been calling for a new Urban Land Use Review Procedure hearing. The proposed development last made news when Council Member Brad Lander asked Lightstone to withdraw its plans after neighborhood flooding from Hurricane Sandy. As far as we know, the development plans still have not yet been discussed by the city’s planning commission, which definitely puts a hold on any major building construction.
Is Construction Set to Begin on the Lightstone Group Condos on Bond Street? [GYFO]

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  • I’m disappointed in you, Brownstoner. You report on another blogger’s “suspicion”? C’mon, I expect better. A quick perusal of the DCP’s land use status search gives you the answer to the question posed in your headline, and that answer is: NO. The DCP has still not approved the plan. Brad Lander has not yet been notified about the date the plan is scheduled to come before the DCP, nor has anyone else. The DCP is also in legal hot water regarding their handling of this application, and that issue has not yet been cleared.

    Most likely, one or another of the local utilities is trying to place (or re-place) their lines underground post-Sandy.