Closing Bell: The Impaled Pumpkins of Cobble Hill

Untapped New York checked out the impaled pumpkins this year in Cobble Hill, at the corner of Kane Street and Strong Place. For the first time this Halloween, the artist Jane Greengold accepted pumpkins from Brooklynites to impale on 274 fence spikes. The neighborhood showed up, despite the problems from Sandy, to give pumpkins or just check out the project. Greengold plans to invite the neighborhood to impale its pumpkins again next year.
Impaling Pumpkins Is Just a Community Tradition in Cobble Hill [Untapped NY]

One Comment

  • This is a pretty cool way to decorate for Halloween. I must say thought that I feel very grateful to live in a country where food is so abundant that we can waste it in such a highly visible way. In other parts of the world, these pumpkins would be valuable food for hungry people.