The Jay Street Arts Building Is Going Residential

More residential units for Dumbo! Plans for a commercial and residential conversion at the warehouse at 201 Water Street — aka the Jay Street Arts Building — are taking shape, not far from the many other new developments in the neighborhood. The architects have a date with the LPC on Oct. 23 for an “application to alter masonry openings, replace windows, install storefront infill, a canopy and construct rooftop additions.” Over at the Department of Buildings, building owners filed a permit for “a conversion of an existing manufacturing building and enlargement.” The plan is to increase the three-story building to six stories; the architect on record is Karl Fischer. Proposed are 126 units. The DOB disapproved the plans last month, and who knows what the LPC will say. Anyone got their hands on a rendering?

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  • If this goes forward, I will be shocked. LPC was insisting on preserving the skylights, which are visible from the Manhattan Bridge, so how you do that while adding 126 apartments on top is beyond me.

  • Just found this regarding the LPC meeting…

    tem 4
    136825- Block 31, lot 1-
    201 Water Street – DUMBO Historic District
    A Daylight Factory building designed by Frank H. Quinby and built in 1913; and two story vernacular style factory building built c. 1900. Application is to alter masonry openings, replace windows, install storefront infill, a canopy, and construct rooftop additions.

    HDC finds that the proposed would alter this early 20th-century factory building too much, regularizing it until it is barely recognizable. We also feel that the rooftop addition is inappropriate as it would change the reading of the building too much and would call for the removal of the historic skylights, important elements in a daylight factory. We ask that more attention and respect be paid to the inherently gritty and irregular nature of this type of building.

    L PC determination: no action