Closing Bell: A Special Tour of the Brooklyn Navy Yard

The Brooklyn Navy Yard kicks off a new tour event this Friday, July 27th. These tours will give visitors the opportunity to learn more about Navy Yard builders, their products, and their business development. The first in the series features IceStone, an “eco-industrialist” company that has transformed 10 million pounds of waste glass into high-design countertops. Visitors will be able to check out the material, tour the production facility, and take a souvenir with them. If you’d like more details, or just want to buy tickets, go here.
Photo by Kristin Brenneman Eno

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  • Why don’t they have tours of what people really want to see; the hospital, admirals row, the historical cemetary…

    Oh yeah, because they want you to forget about all the historical stuff so they can knock it all down.

  • While the factory tours, like the one above, will take you inside the buildings at the Yard, there are also two-hour public tours of the industrial site every Saturday and Sunday afternoon. These tours start and end at BLDG 92, a Visitor and Exhibition Center at the Yard that’s accessible from Flushing Ave., and highlight the past, present, and future of the Yard, and include stops at Admirals Row, the Commandants House, various historical sub-assembly shops, new LEED-certified architecture, an 1851 dry dock, and the 24.5 acre hospital campus (which includes the 1863 Surgeon’s House, 1838 hospital, and the former military cemetery). The tour also includes clips from oral histories and images from the Yard’s shipbuilding history. If anyone is interested, tickets can be purchased at Thanks so much!