Details on the Caledonian Hospital Conversion

Last month news hit that the Caledonian Hospital complex on Parkside Avenue will be converted into a condo/rental hybrid, and new permits filed with the city shed a bit more light on the plans. Evidently developer Joseph Chetrit intends to add two stories to the five-story buildings, and the first permit request also reveals that 123 units are slated for one phase of the conversion. (According to The Wall Street Journal article that brought word of the development, 270 units are planned in total.) The ubiquitous Karl Fischer is the architect of record on the project.
Caledonian Hospital Conversion Moving Forward GMAP
Chetrit Stitches Up Hospital Buy for $15 Million [Brownstoner]

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  • Two stories on top of the park facing building is considerably less than the 12 stories of buildings nearby. The 270 apartment total indicates that there will be a 150 apartment building on the land behind the pictured structures. This will probably be considerably taller, allowing park views over the roofs. Makes sense to me. Work has begun with active interior demolition.

  • That place will be FILLED to the gills with ghosts… spooky!

  • Heck, 160 Parkside is 18 stories I think. Nice to see this will proceed! It’s been a blight on Parkside, but more so on Woodruff on the back side. Didn’t know Hot Karl was coming to the neighborhood :)

  • watch that developer like a hawk

  • Seems like it would be a nice place to live except for that horribly dangerous intersection at Parkside and Ocean.