Reginella Calls it Quits on Atlantic Ave

The windows at Reginella, the casual Italian restaurant on Atlantic between Clinton and Court, have been papered over for at least a week, and yesterday Fork in the Road confirmed that the business had closed. The eatery opened a couple years ago. According to this listing, at some point its owners were trying to sell it, though a sign on the window indicates it will reopen as something different, but under the same ownership. GMAP

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  • Same owner as Savoia in Carroll Gardens, right? Must be confusing for them to have a place there since at least 2005 and then bomb with a later effort. Maybe they’ll retool as more of a sit-down place, but still, the other pizza joint up west of there didn’t work out, right?

  • I went there when it first opened, and had some of the worst pizza I’ve ever had in NYC. I’m sure their pizza making improved as time went on, but I never went back to find out. Not with My Little Pizzeria right around the corner.

  • Agree with tscola. Tried it a couple of times. Pizza was bad, and other prepared foods were less than mediocre. Plus, the place could be totally empty, and service was still abominable. Not at all surprised it closed. Saw the signs about reopening with a “new concept”. Since there are other really good pizza places nearby and mediocre pizza places on seemingly every corner, they shouldn’t both with pizza again IMO.

  • yeah.. my little pizzeria is probably the most superior slice in this area (if you don’t want to walk to fascati). reginella just wasn’t good enough.

  • Most of these places around here are TERRIBLE! I turn a blind eye to most of the new restaurants in the neighorhood. Prefer the city.

  • Most of these places around here are TERRIBLE! I turn a blind eye to most of the new restaurants in the neighorhood. Prefer the city. What do people from flyover states really know about food anyway?

  • I always thought it looked like an Irish Pub. I was disappointed when I found out it was a pizza place.

  • The place sold lousy pizza. That may work in other parts of the country, but rent’s too damn high around here for that [low] quality of a pie.

  • went there once … terrible terrible pizza … never went back. amazes me how these pizza joints thinks people will buy crap slices. next place to go is the new joint on court st opposite Trade Joe’s … also really bad. i would love for My Little Pizza to have some real competition but these two attempts were really weak.

  • landlord69 = ignorant deuche

  • owe i get it landlord69 is trying to be “provactive” by implying that people in the brooklyn heights / boerum hill area are not “real NYers” like him who only eat in Manhattan. comical

  • Thank you martis–I LOVE it when I get newbie pissed. LOL

  • Layla Jones on Court is better than My Little Pizzeria