Closing Bell: Batter Up in the Slope

Did you know Park Slope was home to three major league baseball parks back in the day? FIPS pointed us to this Wikipedia entry on Washington Park, three fields located around 3rd Street and 4th Avenue from 1883 until about 1914. The teams to play on the site included the Atlantics, the Superbas (who also went by the Dodgers) and the Brooklyn Tip-Tops.
Park Slope’s Ye Olde Minor League Baseball Team [FIPS]
Photo via Wikipedia

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  • Brooklyn has a long and distinguished baseball tradition, which includes Negro League and semi-pro baseball at Dexter Park in the Highland Park area.

    Also, a black guy named John Connor started the Brooklyn Royal Giants, a Negro League team, around 1917, to publicize his Royal Palm Garden Cafe, which was located on Myrtle Ave.

  • Did the article say that this area was not Park Slope in those days? Also the baseball area was sometimes referred to as “toid and toid” (third ave. and third st)!

  • Brooklyn, with it’s long tradition of having professional sports franchises within the borough makes the AY Nets Arena more contextual now doesn’t it!

  • Brownstoner has already written about this, I think with links to, and mentioned fairly recently that ConEd had pledged not to tear down the remaining wall of the old park on Third Avenue (which is in Gowanus, BTW, not Park Slope).