Union Market Seeks to Unite Burg With Coffee

Last night a press release came over the transom about Union Market‘s new Williamsburg Blend of coffee or, more specifically, the blend’s packaging: “In the wake of a bike lane dispute that has strained relations between Brooklyn’s hipsters and Hasidic Jews, Pix Design is using its visual expertise to highlight the notion that there’s something both sides can agree on: a great cup of coffee. The packaging for one variety of Brooklyn-based Union Market’s depicts a man in Hasidic garb and a hipster (complete with man-purse) standing together and somehow managing not to glare at each other.” You can see a bigger shot of the packaging on Pix Design’s website. After all the attention Camel’s Williamsburg cigarettes grabbed recently, we’re surprised this is the first we’re hearing of it, especially since a rep from the design firm says the coffee has been on sale since last month.
Pix Design [Official Site]

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