5th Avenue Fire Post-Mortem

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On Friday we reported a serious fire at the Associated Supermarket on 5th Avenue and 17th Street. The fire, caused by an exploded boiler in the basement, lasted through the night and required 150 firefighters. We checked the site out on Sunday and it was pretty grim. The Unisex Hair Salon and Associated Supermarket are completely gutted, so are the apartments above it. The street remained closed to traffic and there were a few people on site checking out the extensive damage. Luckily no one was seriously injured, but at least ten families have been displaced.
Fire on 17th Street and 5th Avenue [Brownstoner]
10 Families Displaced by Park Slope Fire [OTBKB]

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  • Augh! Please don’t rely on the Post for accurate info!

    – 5 alarm fire
    – FDNY was spraying water all night long due to small embers and pocket fires popping up until around 10 or 10:30 Saturday morning
    -Mambo lounge and the apartments above it did not burn out. They sustained smoke and water damage (from the fire hoses) because the FDNY had to rip into their walls to make sure no fire wast trapped in there and waiting to spread to that building. Residents of that building (I met one on the street yesterday) are not allowed to return yet until a final decision is made on the adjacent burned out buildings. The resident I met was able to talk his way in to his apartment (top floor above the Mambo Lounge) to get some clothes to change into. Other residents unfortunately were non-English speakers and were not able to negotiate their way in to do the same :-(

  • Thanks, Snappy, I updated it … the fire has been covered in fragments throughout blogs and some papers, but no one seems to have the whole, updated story published. Also couldn’t get confirmation on whether it was a three or five alarm fire, have read different things across publications.

  • No problem Emily! The fifth alarm was called on Saturday morning I believe when the last pocket fire tried to flare up, but they squelched it. It seems that the mainstream media did initial reports on the fire, but no one ever updated their info so a lot of what’s out there is incomplete.

  • This building was just renovated… New construction> Two additional stories were added and the three addresses were combined. Looks like a new gas service and new boiler were recently installed as well.

  • Also interesting note… They received a DOB stop work order violation and ECB fine for installing front and rear fire escapes without a permit.

  • It seemed that work was constantly going on there. And they stored a lot of stuff in that space between the store and the hair salon. I’m sure that did no one any favors when the fire began to spread, looking for new things to grab onto.

  • Its funny how some fires spread so very fast and others don’t. We had a fire across the street 2 years ago, man died, but the fire was contained to the bedroom, firemen came and put it out…..just 1 room was burnt…..

    and yet other times a whole entire buildig gets engulfed…
    Grand Street fire started in the basement, yet somehow it managed to get to the roof, and the buildings were torn down……

  • Streets are now open to traffic again.

  • also, up the block, the small art gallery has been wrecked, and even more curiouser, the brownstone up the street from that has been damaged to the point where there is a vacate order on it.