More Traffic Inconveniences Around Arena

Traffic on Flatbush Avenue is about to get a whole lot more snarled. According to a mailer that went out this week from Forest City Ratner, the busy thoroughfare will lose a lane of southbound traffic during morning rush hour for the next year or so while “improvements” are is made on the Atlantic Avenue subway station. Presumably the work is related to connecting the station to the Arena underground. Click on the above image to get a closer look. You can also check out this post on Atlantic Yards Report from last month (where the graphic on the jump is from) for lots more detail on the issue.


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  • i never understand why anyone drives through that intersection anyway? there are so many ways around that are always faster.

  • I agree with Randolph. Maybe, just maybe, this will encourage people to ditch their cars (at least some of the time) and use public transportation.

    Either way, I don’t care, because I don’t drive, so this won’t affect me.

    Oh, the joys of not owning…

  • Got mine in the mail yesterday…How nice of them to be so thoughtful and make us aware that they will be effing up traffic in most of Brooklyn with the reconstruction (and construction) overt the next 5 years.

    Such a nice group of cockroaches.

  • Actually, this morning brownstoner linked to a NY Post story about how crosswalk lights with timers will be installed along Flatbush Avenue. Should make navigating that corner easier, though I’ve never had a problem crossing the street there anyway.

  • Put my deposit down for season tickets last week! Build on, sir.

  • Your tax dollars at work. We would have ll been better off if we just gave Ratner the hundreds of millions in corporate welfare and asked him not to build the stadium.

  • Absolutely right, Johnny! I realize there are lots of people who hate that there are any cars at all in the city, but they really are a necessary evil. (and I don’t drive nor have I ever learned) Do all the vehicle haters think that our groceries and everything else we buy are going to be delvered by subway or bicycle?? And what about people who absolutely need to drive? (think of plumbers or electricians, for example) Or people who cannot take public transportation? (if you were going for chemotherapy, would you want to ride the subway or bus?)