Toys ‘R Us Planning Brooklyn Pop Up?

A New York Times article last week about the rise of the Pop Up store noted that Toys “R” Us operated 33 such temporary stores in the tristate area last holiday season. Well, the Christmas crush will be on us before we know it, so it wasn’t surprising to hear a related rumor from a trusted source last week: That the toy giant was considering renting out the old Sid’s Hardware space at 345 Jay Street in Downtown Brooklyn. If we were in Forest City’s shoes, we’d be trying to close that deal.

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  • “Well, the Christmas crush will be on us before we know it”

    That’s a horrible thought. I’m converting from “Atheist Christian” to “Radical Muslim” so I don’t have to deal with this. Or perhaps Hindu. I’ve always enjoyed Indian philosophy.

  • ah shut up tybur you scrooge! the whole point of christmas is to finagle getting people to buy you the things you couldnt buy for yourself all year! if we celebrated the true meaning of christmas, and didnt infuse any commercialism into it, our nation would collectively fall into one giant coma.


  • When did Sid’s close? Why?

  • I barely ever get presents… my family doesn’t love me.

  • I gotta present for you, Ty.

  • Home, here is my theory: When I moved to Brooklyn (1980), Sid’s was a hardware store and lumber yard that did a lot of business with small contractors. Remember, this is pre-Lowe’s and Home Depot (and big box stores in general). Parking in pre-Metrotech-downtown was easy; the inventory was extensive; the staff was knowledgeable.

    When Metrotech was built (and Sid’s faced eviction from it’s Myrtle Avenue location by eminent domain), it took the offer to move around the corner into a new Forest City-built building. As downtown redeveloped, it became harder for contractors to navigate in their trucks. Navigation was made more difficult by street closings around Metrotech post-9/11 (the lumber yard is around back on Lawrence Street) and then worse still when construction began the subway station a couple years ago.

    Sid’s became increasingly just a hardware store for downtown residents, workers and businesses. The gross and net profits from that business model weren’t enough to sustain such a large footprint. Out of nostalgia and convenience, I would still go to Sid’s, but the prices weren’t competitive (perhaps to counter lost revenue from the trades) and I shopped there less and less. It was a death spiral. It is my understanding Sid’s tried to renegotiate it’s lease with FCRC, but no go.

    Or maybe there is another explanation and the preceding merely reflects my 30-year experience with Sid’s.

  • Sids is opening as non-retail hardware store on Hamilton Ave

  • I don’t think so, fsrq. That plan was announced before reports Sid’s was declaring bankruptcy. Maybe I’m making too much of the order of these announcements, but I think the Hamilton Avenue plan was contingent on working out an exit plan with Forest City Ratner Companies, which didn’t happen.

  • I am so sorry to hear of Sid’s closing! I know their prices were on the high side, but their service was wonderful, and it was a great place to get pieces of plywood cut to order for projects. I used to shop there regularly when I lived on Bridge St. between Fulton and Willoughby, and still managed to go there a few times a year since our move to Clinton Hill. What a shame.

  • As long as I lived on this planet, Sid’s has been at that location. Since the old Myrtle Ave El days. I am sorry to see them go.

    Yes, the prices where high there, but I could rely on them for most of my hardware needs i.e. car, house, apartment items, from A to Z.