Food Co-op’ers Back Putnam Location

On Monday, we posted about the potential for the nascent Greene Hill Food Co-op to set up shop in the ramshackle and mostly vacant stretch of storefronts at 18-24 Putnam Avenue in Clinton Hill. Noting what a game-changer it could be for the location, we hoped that the membership would support the move. So we were pleased to learn there was unanimous support among attendees at the co-op meeting last night. As a result, the lease committee will proceed to negotiate a lease with the landlord and hopefully be able to present it to the membership for a final vote in July. Bravo!
Food Co-op May Lease Space on Putnam [Brownstoner] GMAP

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  • Wow!!! Amazing news.

  • As a proud DoFu denizen. This news makes me incredibly happy. not just for what it will mean for the neighborhood and block in question but also for what it will mean for my belly.

  • as happy as i am for the residents of this area, i have to agree with the poster the other day that this does little to serve the fort greene residents for which the coop was originally named.

    i’d suggest dropping the “hill” part. it’s a little ridiculous, considering it is now only 2 blocks from the bed-stuy border (and 7 from fort greene).

  • bklynbpr—given how small the actual area of Ft Greene/Clinton Hill combined is (much smaller combined than Park Slope for instance) it is hard for me to believe that Fort Greeners will be that put out by this location. The bus runs up Fulton from Ft Greene so transport is pretty easy and convenient. And I can’t imagine there being a retail space in Ft Greene this large and inexpensive so it just makes sense from that perspective as well. But really a food co-op is meant to draw from a large area (as opposed to the local-ness of smaller shops) so there is always going to be somebody in that area that is farther.

  • I think this is great news! In the same way that the Park Slope co-op draws shoppers from many neighborhoods, the Greene Hill co-op will do the same. Great access for Ft. Greene, Clinton Hill, Prospect Heights, and Bed-Stuy residents. Ft. Greene is at best a geographic micro neighborhood, much smaller than many others in Brooklyn. Yes, it would be great for the co-op to be as close to possible to where any of us lives, but it is indisputably easily accessed by train, bus, bike, car, and feet! Also, rents are very high in Ft. Greene and would definitely impact pricing. Also, for Ft. Greene residents closer to Greene Avenue, you can jump on the #52 bus instead of walking over to Fulton, if you prefer.

  • I would join even though I don’t live in the neighborhood–as long as they don’t turn it into a nazi-coop like Park Slope.

  • well we all know how good bus service is.

  • bklynbpr, don’t you mean dropping the Greene part since it’s nowhere near Fort Greene?

    I’m also disappointed with the location. It’s too bad — I was looking forward to joining.

  • This is great news. And technically, it’s only 3 blocks from Ft. Greene (which starts on the west side of Vanderbilt).

  • Also, DoFu???? Seriously, DoFu??????

  • I have to say that the few Nay-Sayers on this blog just sound super whiny to me. OH no I have to walk a few extra blocks from my dream location. Did you really think that they would find space in the heart of Ft. Greene? Come on, the need space and affordability. Remember that the goal is to bring Healthy, local, great produce and foods to the area at reasonable prices.
    Bunch of Lazy Yuppies. If you only want to shop in your back yard that’s why you have Greene grape!

    I think this is great, it is kinda far from where i live as I live up by Myrtle but I am very excited for there to be a location and something to rally around.
    Great Job Greene-Hillers Great Job!

  • I’m definitely excited about the location — and, frankly, happy that they were able to find a space that big anywhere near by! Is there any word on when it might be opening? I’m assuming it’ll be at least a year (but secretly hoping that I’m wrong….).

  • YEAH! I am in… Will run to next meeting with my checkbook….
    And BTW 25 and 26 on Fulton run like clockwork…

  • I will join, even though I live in Eastern Bed Stuy, and use the subway to get there. Can’t wait.

    I hope also they think about some kind of parking lot.

  • From what I heard from someone at the meeting, the landlord is willing to work with the Co-op folks to make it happen, giving them an incredibly low rent, providing opportunity for expansion. There is even talk about a community garden! And while the location is super convenient for me, which of course makes me happy, it’s also going to instrumental in bringing some positive energy into what has been a blighted few blocks with drug dealing and so many empty storefronts. Neighborhood revitalization seems like a worthy consideration as well, just as worthy as proximity to people who have more (albeit more expensive too) options for organic and high quality groceries.


  • Atlantic Yards will bring parking lots near to the area!

  • there’s a vacant store next door at 14 Putnam, maybe I should open a small coffe shop.

  • A coffee shop would be great – just realize you’d have to compete with two great establishments – Desserts by Michael Allen, and Outpost. I am not surprised the landlord is being helpful, if it is owned by the same family who has had it for years (Collyfield’s?). A daughter tried to make a run of it with a small coffee shop (the cardinal sign) about six years ago, but was undercapitalized and overwhelmed. The old codgers who currently play games and chat the day away will lose their roost.

    Oh and – yippee!

  • Great to hear all the enthusiasm. We’ve worked for over 2 1/2 years to get to this point. Although we know we will get a lot of financial help from various organizations (including PSFC potentially) We will not be able to open without a lot of members putting in investments. Want to be a founding member? Now’s the time to sign up!

    And just consider IF we get this space, if you want to help put in a green roof, a garden in the back, paint a mural… There’s going to be lots to do. If we get this space we will want the neighborhood and passersby to see we are there – and making a very positive difference in the east part of Clinton Hill.

  • Will they sell organic bullets?

  • Bed Stuy food coop HERE I COME!!!!!!! also: COMMUNITY GARDEN!

  • I second DK’s comment. As the Outreach Co-chair for the Co-op I encourage all of you who are committed to having this resource in our neighborhood LATER to join up NOW. This won’t happen without the financial support of member/owners.

    Each member/owner invests $150 into the Co-op plus a small administrative fee. There are several ways to invest in the Co-op, including a payment plan and a low-income option. Consider this upfront payment for HUGE savings on groceries for years down the line (just ask your friends who are members at Park Slope Food Co-op how affordable the food is!).

    Download the member application here:

    Not ready to commit financially, but want to help spread the word? Consider joining a committee or representing the Co-op at a tabling event, green market, community meeting or street fair. To get hooked up send an email to:

    Or, check out our Job Classifieds section:

    Finally, Park Slope Food Co-op is supporting us by offering FTOP credit to anyone who logs hours helping to get Greene Hill off the ground. Email us for more info!

    I hope to meet many of you at our next meeting, July 21, location TBA.

  • This is a block away from where I live. I will certainly become a member if this actually happens!