Sunset Park Waterfront Vision Plan

On Monday, Mayor Bloomberg, joined by Brooklyn Chamber head Carl Hum and Borough President Marty Markowitz among other public officials, announced the city’s plan to invest $165 million (alongside another $105 million from the state) to revitalize commercial activity along the Sunset Park Waterfront. “On Brooklyn’s waterfront, the City has a unique opportunity to build upon existing assets – including a talented workforce and industrial and maritime infrastructure – to create permanent industrial jobs,” said Mayor Bloomberg. “Through a series of investments aimed at bringing aging infrastructure to good repair, professionalizing maritime and rail service, and increasing and diversifying job-intensive industrial uses along the waterfront, the Sunset Park Waterfront Vision Plan lays out a series of short and long-term steps to strengthen the area as a center for industrial growth. Specific initiatives include an $80 million overhaul of the South Brooklyn Marine Terminal, an $8.6 million modernization of the Bush Terminal and improvement of the freight rail service in the area. Another $37 million is slated to build the Bush Terminal Piers Park, which will add 22 acres of open space through the remediation of a former brownfield. Check out the full-length press release here.

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  • quote:
    including a talented workforce and industrial and maritime infrastructure – to create permanent industrial jobs,

    that is great, muchly needed.


  • is that the chicken????

  • Agreed, rob. Finally city planning is looking to create jobs and commercial infrastructure instead of luxury housing for the upscale chosen.

  • What Rob and Bxgrl said – I heartily agree.

  • “is that the chicken????”

    only if he is standing in a hole.

  • Is that a Junior’s cheesecake Marty is holding?

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  • why does it always look like bloomberg is holding in a fart?


  • This sounds like a great initiative. The only problem is that the waterfront is cut-off from the rest of the neighborhood by that horrible Gowanus overpass. It creates a sort of a psychological barrier, and I’m afraid that it will discourage people from going to these parks.
    I read about some plans to replace it with a tunnel, Big-Dig-style, a while ago. However the city is nowhere close to even start the work, so who knows when it will happen.

  • why does he sound so whiney when he speaks?

  • This sounds like a worthy initiative, but I confess I was distracted, looking at Bloomberg, by the remembered description of a character by the playwright Hugh Leonard: “a face like a plate of mortal sin.”

  • rob — you seem to have grown up so much lately — taking much more sophisticated views of things!

    And I cannot understand when there are stimulus programs for shovel-ready projects, that things like the underground Gowanus Expressway are not under way. We have so many sovel-ready things waiting for funding! And all of our bridges that need work… but the funds seem to be goig to rural areas (as usual).

  • I hope when they finish prettying it up that actual industrial businesses will be able to afford it

  • Finally! using some of the waterfront for what it was intended for!

  • BH76, part of the reason we don’t get the money we should is that even federal agencies, which are the poster children of waste and mismanagement, stand in awe of NYC’s ability to obfuscate, delay, waste, and re-route precious funds for needed infrastructure and improvement. Every repair and improvement project in this city takes four times longer than it should, and ends up costing 5 times more than the initial budget. How long did it take them to play around with the intersection of Atlantic and Flatbush? Been through Houston St in the last 4 years? It goes on and on.

  • Finally a link about Sunset Park :)

  • They are also planning to modernize the Brooklyn Army Terminal, which is a very cool building. I used to work there.

  • If they can get rid of the Gowanus Expressway, the whole neighborhood will change. This might not be all good as wannabe Park Slopers and Williamsburg hipsters will start moving in…

  • Also, son’t those stimulus funds go to the state and then the state divvies it up? Well, that explains it- considering the “high quality” of the state government.

  • ah, one of my little pet issues — burying the gowanus. that road is killer expensive to maintain because of being elevated — and it’s falling apart. i believe the current plan is simply to keep rebuilding what’s there, forever, ie, it will never not be under repair. buried, roads need much less repair b/c not exposed to the elements, and it would be a cost effective move over the long term to bury that road — amortized over some number of years, repairs taken into account, you come out ahead financially (as per a CUNY grad center study), plus greatly increase the value of waterfront property.

    BUT — it’ll never happen.

  • “is that the chicken????

    Posted by: daveinbedstuy at July 22, 2009 10:21 AM”

    FFFFFUUUUUU******KKKKKK…… I think I’ve found my midget older doppelganger!

  • sunset park along the waterfront has 2 potential uses:

    1. red light district
    2. working waterfront.

    Further, the two go nicely together.

  • Hi Slick,

    Are you saying that it should be a ‘red light district’ because…

    a) It has people with lower income

    b) Mostly immigrant neighborhood (Chinese and Hispanics)

    c) Your idea of fun

    d) All the above

    Enlighten us.

  • I would like to see more high rise along the river on Sunset Park