Streetlevel: Washington Commons Opens in P Heights

Prospect Heights got a new bar last weekend. Washington Commons opened on Saturday at 748 Washington Avenue at Park Place. According to Fjorder, who served up the tip, “they have a lengthy list of brews on tap and what looks like to be a garden space (to be renovated) out back.” Excellent news! Anyone tried it yet? GMAP

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  • Washington Commons is owned by the same guys as 4th Avenue Pub… If it’s anything like that, will be a great addition to the neighborhood!

  • This is awesome news…Prospect Heights is clearly trying to turn me into an alcoholic!

  • went for happy hour last night ($2 off everything). they have a great selection of beers that they plan to rotate weekly. this place is going to make a killing this summer because they have a pretty large outdoor space. i love, love, love this place already! i’ll probably stop by on the way home again this evening. can’t wait!

  • Awesome news! Will check it out asap

  • I love 4th ave pub… besides the fact that you can smoke in there after 2 AM they’ve got a sweet beer selection. I’ll be at this place more frequently than I probably should be.