No Recession at Target

On a lighter note…check out the wide selection of toys and clothing left at Target in the Atlantic Center on December 23. Recession? What Recession!

More photos on the jump…


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  • yeah, stuff sells when you slash the price by 25-50% during the busiest buying season of the year…

  • just a reminder that we still live in the hood.

  • chortik…those scenes look relatively orderly compared to what you’d see at the original Filene’s basement in Boston. The blue blood shoppers up there could hold their own against anyone from da hood when it comes to a bargain!!!!

  • If that’s not evidence of a recession, I don’t know what it.

    Looks like there’s still a few cans of Spam left.

    Better get there quick before it’s all gone!

  • Why don’t you post some post holiday photos? Because to me, this is what Target looks like the other 51 weeks of the year.

    Target SUCKS.

    Poorly stocked, total crap merchandise, understaffed registers, clueless management.

    A disgrace.

    And no, I’m not categorically anti big box store so don’t go there.

  • Prodigal Son…if you think Target’s bad you got to see what a WalMart looks like. After going into the one in Philly I’ll never go in another one in my life.

  • DIBS-

    Walmarts vary. I’ve been to several all over the country. Management, selection and overall feel different from store to store.

  • Well these pictures definitely prove 2 things –

    1. That urban areas like Brooklyn will shop in suburban designed big box stores and;

    2. The smaller mom & pops and mid to small chains can certainly compete with the likes of Target -> think of the niche amongst the people who would pay 2% more to shop in a store where someone actually gave-a-shit.

  • i was there – it was nuts but i got some good stuff and everyone loved their gifts!

  • p.s. old navy was 1000x worse! talk about a scene and a line. i was there twice as long as target. surprisingly target had a lot of registers open and after weaving through the madness of people the check out was pretty quick and uneventful.

  • “just a reminder that we still live in the hood”
    True. The Target in Harlem (UWS) is even worse, though. I went there when it was brand new, and wanted to see how long it took before the place became ghetto’d-up. Maybe, a couple months… when I heard a woman complaining that someone had opened a jumbo pack of toilet paper and removed a roll (her actual words were hilarious, though)- I figured that it was confirmed “ghetto”. That stuff doesn’t happen in decent ‘hoods in the suburbs.

  • When the shelves were not restocked amazingly people just bought what was there. Retailers were not taking the chance people wouldn’t buy and they’d be left with unsold stock.

    Unremarkable demand remarkable lack of supply!

  • When and if you can find what you need, AT Target is a reasonable place to shop. That’s a big IF though, as things are never restocked as they should be. But, prices are fair. Walmart, on the other hand, can’t eve see myself setting foot in there. Anti-humane treatment of workers, anti-fair wages. Not anything I want to be part of.

  • That Target can barely stock their shelves on a normal day, so it’s really no surprise…

  • I was in Target a few times in the weeks leading up to Xmas and it was D-E-A-D quiet. Weirdly empty. So I’m kinda glad to hear that it was very busy right before the holiday — glad for the economy. And even gladder that I stayed away then!

  • Bricktop please let me know when you go to Target..its always crowded and busy when I go! Sometimes I wonder if saving some $ on cereal is worth the trama.

  • Target sucks away a slice of my soul every time I enter.

  • Agree with Spndr–anytime I’ve been to the Atlantic Ave. “Target,” it looks sorta like that! Never again after it sucked royally on 2 different visits! It was truly awful. I do a “real” Target out in Roosevelt Field, and it’s night and day different–occasionally runs out of something, but overall a pleasant shopping experience by big-box standards. The suburbs may be boring, car-centric and soul-dead, but the bargain shopping is easy and civilized.

  • The suburban stores don’t get the traffic that their counterparts in the city get. The suburban stores might get in one week the number of customers that Atlantic Center gets in a day. Most urban big box stores consistently out perform their suburban counterparts but the problem is that they stock all of the stores with same amount of merchandise and staff, so of course the suburban experience is easy and civilized. We should demand better. For one thing, I am tired of these places checking my receipt on the way out of the door. They don’t do that in suburbia either. Sure there are thieves in Brooklyn but no more, per capita anyway, than anywhere else.

  • I’m not shocked by this. Honestly, the same scene plays out on virtually every weekend. Holiday shopping didn’t change things. The Target stores in Brooklyn are notoriously under-stocked. It’s practically worthless to find anything in them.

  • LOL @ 1:33. Yeah some Walmarts are nice (in Florida or Texas I have seen nice ones). The Target in Port St Lucie Florida is heaven. Clean stocked orderly and the staff actually WANT to help you. Target in BK I have to pray, deep breathe and say a mantra when I walk in. But actually I went in on Christmas Eve and it was not bad. Lines were actually fast. Go figure.

  • That’s what it looks like every day of the week. It is a miracle.

  • It does look like that almost all of the time. The only area that seems to be clean is their restrooms, but the rest of the Atlantic Terminal store can give the shelves of Zimbabwe a good run for their money.

  • What amazes me about Target and the Atlantic Center mall is that Kings Plaza was often called “a dump” and “not a real mall” by high school friends of mine. But honestly, that place is 1000% better than Atlantic Center. The place is a few blocks away from me and I avoid it like the plague.

  • I’m a regular Target shopper, and this season I have noticed a significant decline in traffic there. I haven’t stood in a significant line there in the last three months, including December weekends. THAT is one of the scariest signs of the times.

    As for the empty shelves, that Target always looked that way toward the end of the Christmas season. Furthermore, in the last year the Atlantic store appears to be increasingly poorly managed. Inventory is more sparse and unpredictable. Standard “ghettoification” of major chains in Brooklyn. The same thing happened to the formerly beautiful and well-stocked Walgreens on Third Avenue.