Closing Bell: Inflation at Nathan’s

nathans-famous-by-ckaaloa.jpg For the working man’s playground, Coney Island’s most well-known hot dog sure is getting expensive. A poster on Coney Island USA’s message board noticed last weekend hot dogs at Nathan’s Famous now cost $3.20 including tax, a 9.2 percent increase over last year. That’s $1.20 more than the typical Manhattan water dog (or $0.70 more if you’re a tourist). Maybe it’s the rising cost of beef casing? The poster, who calls himself Outlaw, commented, “I do feel sorry for the family of four that stops at Nathan’s before or after a day at the beach because it’s going to cost them an ‘arm and a leg’ to enjoy a decent meal there now.” Indeed five hot dogs (two for dad) and four tickets to the Wonder Wheel is already a $40 day at the beach, and that doesn’t include fries, drinks, toppings or a round at Shoot the Freak. Fortunately, Nathan’s website provides a printable coupon that’ll get you two dogs for the price of one.
Nathan’s 2008 prices rise again [Coney Island USA]
Photo by ckaaloa.

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  • I don’t know where you go for dirty water dogs in Manhattan, but the cart by my office (near Rockefeller Center) only charges $1.25 each–up from $1 not too long ago.

  • “decent meal” and “Nathans” should never be spoken together! LOL

  • Fact: Hotdogs at Rudy’s on 44th at 9th in Hell’s Kitty are FREE!

  • You may want to fix that link–it is not correctly coded. (Personally, I crave a Nathan’s meal when summer comes around. After waiting for 45 minutes on one of their incredibly slow line, I end up even hungrier for that salty, greasy junky perfection.)

  • CG, you got in and out in 45 minutes? The last time I went to Nathans, I waited that long and only got half-way to the window. No zaggeration! I finally gave up and bought food at KeySpan Park.

  • Gray’s Papaya, people. Gray’s Papaya.

  • You do not have to pay for food at Nathan’s. You can eat for free. By law all restaurants have to dispose of all cooked but uneaten food at the end of the day. Whenever I go to coney island I wait until Nathans closes for the night and then they dump the food into the dumpster in the back. I go in there and fill my bag full of cooked hot dogs, cooked steak fries and cooked chow mein. Then I go across the street and get free cooked chicken from Popeyes. I also go around and get free Gyros and other cooked foods. The only assholes are the guys who run the pizzeria. They mash their unsold pizza and pasta up so that no one can eat it and dump clorox on it.

  • 10:34: We’re just trying to keep you from getting food poisoning — Sincerely, the pizza guys

  • Folks, if you’re willing to eat any hot dog (Nathans/Grays etc)and God-knows-whats in it, then is plucking it out of a dumpster that much more a leap of faith? I would draw the line, however, at chow mein…it’s hard to get dirt off the rice!!

  • I was not eating garbage. The dumpster is only used to throw away food. The food is in plastic bags and usually in the container they were trying to sell it in. The Chow Mein was inside it’s individual tubs. I never took the half eaten or dirty food.

    It is good free eats. Try it!!!