StreetLevel: Pizza War in Dumbo?

Could a new pizza place possibly challenge the supremacy of one of Brooklyn’s most revered pizza parlors? Seems like the soon-to-open Ignazio’s at 4 Water Street may be fixing to do just that, since it’s setting up shop only a couple blocks away from Grimaldi’s. Louis Timero, a Bensonhurst native who left the city to start the celebrated Luna Pizza near Hartford, owns the new restaurant and intends to focus on the art of pizza, according to an article in the Brooklyn Eagle.
A December Homecoming Planned For A DUMBO Pizzeria [Brooklyn Eagle] GMAP

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  • Grimaldi’s is overrated, not b/c the pizza isn’t good but b/c the quality seems to fluctuate. I’m a huge fan of it when it’s good, but hate to wait on line, get hustled through there then get a soggy $20 pizza. If the new place is as good asthe New Haven stalwarts, Pepe’s or Sally’s, Grimaldi’s better step up their game.

    Not sure I’d like to live in Dumbo, but on a sunny fall day it’s really nice to wander around, hang at the park and get pizza. Too bad the ABC outlet closed a few years ago.

  • I grew up in New Haven and used to live in Hartford during the 90’s so I am pretty familiar with the Connecticut pizza scene. Luna’s (and First and Last) were pretty good, probably just a shade beneath New Haven’s pizza bluebloods, Sally’s and Pepe’s. I have been here in Brooklyn for nearly 10 years and I have come to like Grimaldi’s. But, the service there kind of stinks. (What’s with the grumpy waiters? Isnt it an easy enough job to serve some drinks and put a pie on the table?) I bet this new Luna’s will be a great addition to the area!

  • I say bring on the competition. Grimaldi’s needs it. Salads would be a nice menu addition.

    Signed – tired of overpriced so-so pizza

  • “Connecticut pizza scene”

    hahahahahahaha. Funniest thing I’ve read in a while.

  • Ever since Patsy and Carol sold Grimaldi’s (to the Bamonte clan as I recall) it caters to the busloads of tourists (and those tour buses stop right across the street). No more antipasto, no more cannolis — just rush you in and out. Pizza is still good — just not made with the same care that Patsy ensured. Let the toursits go there — we locals will welcome a new place. Just better be good.

  • 1:01 hit the nail on the head. I’ve had fantastic pies from Grimaldi’s and also some pathetically lame one’s coupled with nasty service. I say bring on the competition and see who wins. This could be exciting.

  • 2:11 – sounds funny till you try it. Go try Sally’s or Pepe’s, and then tell me where you can get a pie like that. Not Grimaldi’s ever since Patsy sold it. And clam pizza! God, I’m hungry.

  • 2:11 You are showing your ignorance. New Haven, CT is regarded as having some of the best pizza in the US. Not just by me. This is common knowledge among aficionados.

    Grimaldi’s is pretty good pizza but the lousy service is really off-putting. You don’t go to a pizza joint to be coddled but the servers there are NASTY. One guy hung up the phone on me when I asked for take out. Like 1:02 I wonder why everyone who works there is so pissed off. Good luck to Ignazio’s. It takes some balls to open a pizza joint right across the street from one of NY’s most venerable.

  • New Haven – birthplace of pizza and hamburgers in America. Best fast food (the good kind) city in the the country.

  • The four times I’ve been in Dumbo and walked by Grimaldi’s, there have been lines with tourists out the door. It’s just a tourist trap now, nothing more.

  • anyone ever had those steamed hamburgers that you can find only in CT?

  • Grimaldis is good pizza, but definitely too touristy and Lucali and Di Fara are both easily better.

  • Well, if this article on Coonecticut dining is any indication… sad, truly sad.,0,773049.story

  • I have always enjoyed going to grimaldis over the years but it just has gotten so touristy and obnoxious in that long line. Ready for something new.

  • Last time we despaired of the long line at Grimaldi’s, I actually got ANGRY with capitalism–why, if it worked so well, weren’t there enough super-good brick-oven competitors on the block to sop up the overflow? And now–two cheers for capitalism! (The third will come if they make a pie as good as Grimaldi’s at their best.)

  • Grimaldi’s is a hellhole.
    Great news that a competitor is moving in.
    If they are good, they will clean up. Grimaldi’s is for tourists and people with nothing to do who are willing to stand in line for over-rated pizza.

  • 4:37 – That may be an indication of generic suburban dining anywhere including upstate and LI, but here’s a tidbit about what NY times thinks about food in New Haven

    Drivers on the New York-New England route know New Haven best as the intersection of Interstates 91 and 95, an almost guaranteed traffic jam. And for years, savvy drivers have taken the traffic into account and planned a lunch or dinner stop, most often at Pepe’s or Sally’s, the city’s consistently fine pizza places, or the ever-changing variety of other, mostly Italian, restaurants that have gained local notice.

    Rest of the article about the better Spanish than you can find in the City

  • “New Haven, CT is regarded as having some of the best pizza in the US.”

    All well and good, but it means having to step foot in Connecticut. No thanks.

  • I’m very excited about this. I work in Dumbo and the lunch options are sad if best. Luna Pizza is solid, better than 99% of the pizza joints here in NYC, and certainly better than what I’ve gotten from Grimaldi’s lately. I will certainly give them a shot or three, where I wouldn’t even consider Grimaldi’s these days.

  • “New Haven, CT is regarded as having some of the best pizza in the US.”

    “All well and good, but it means having to step foot in Connecticut. No thanks.”

    12:08 You’re missing the point. You don’t have to go to CT. When Ignazio’s opens, CT pizza is coming to you. Or DUMBO, anyway. If it’s on par with CT’s best (and only if) Grimaldi’s is going to get a run for their money. But it’s a big IF.

  • Live in the BH/Dumbo area, and rather just go to Fascati’s on Henry for a pretty good slice of pizza (or meatball sandwich) and the pretty fast service. Unless you are there at an off hour, I don’t think Grimaldi’s is worth the wait.

    Good luck to the new place though, glad to try something new.

  • Ignazio’s will not be a Connecticut-style pizza (i.e good ovens, bad everything else).

    Ignazio’s will be Bensonhurst/Italian-American style pizza at it’s best; a homage to great Brooklyn pizza past & present.

    It will also feature live Jazz/Blues, great local microbrew beer, and yes, salads.

  • This place looks no where close to opening. Will it ever?

  • Total waste of a good Saturday afternoon. Waited over an hour to overpay for a highly overrated pizza that was skimpy on the toppings and had a burnt crust. The place sucks.