Closing Bell: No Love for the Adams Street Bike Lane

When Morton’s Steakhouse opens in the Adams Street Marriott, better not try to bring your bike. The bike lane in this part of town is consistently blocked by parked and idling buses and town cars. Why aren’t the transit police slapping these vehicles with tickets? You’d think it would be an easy source of revenue for the city.

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  • I key cars in bike lanes when cycling

  • “Why aren’t the transit police slapping these vehicles with tickets?”

    You’re going to start a whole big thing by asking this question. Guaranteed.

  • Why don’t we have separated bike lanes?

    “Why fix it, when you can ticket?”

  • Again, DoT ignores logic when pursuing the ‘betterment’ of Brooklyn. It never occured to them that this was not the place for a bike lane. Duh?

  • Seems like a great place for a bike lane!

    Just a little paint, and then you can start collecting revenue from cars parking there AND bicyclists not utilizing it AND bonuses abound from the bicyclists that go on the sidewalk because they feel their lives are being threatened because they don’t have proper separated bike lanes.

    Money from tickets for bikes, cars, congestion pricing, and then raise that MTA fare!

    All the invests in is a little paint, and then postures like they actually do something besides lining their pockets with cash.

    Who are you saying “duh” to? We the citizens are the dummies.

  • You take your chances biking in NY with or without a bike lane.. if you are afraid to bike in the city, dont.

  • If I saw green paint next to curb, I would think it means that it’s totally cool to park there. I mean, it’s not yellow or nothin’

  • a bike lane in front of Brooklyn’s only major hotel. move the bike lane it is not realistic.
    fire the planner and paint him/her green.

  • Yeah, let’s go a step further and get rid of crosswalks and stop lights and sidewalks!

    if you are afraid to walk, don’t.

    Then we’ll get rid of traffic lights, and lane markers… if you are afraid to drive, don’t.

    Then we’ll get rid of food inspectors… and cops… and… anything else that isn’t necessary in 4:43’s little world.

  • Why do people insist on wanting to ride bikes in NYC? What a dumb idea. Guess what- no one who currently drive a car in the city is going to want to start riding a bike instead. It’s dangerous and sweaty and also now cold and sweaty at the same time and doubly dangerous in the middle of winter.

  • The bike lane is for people that live here, the hotel isn’t.

  • Who cares about people who currently drive in NYC?

    Why do these people need to start riding bikes to have safe bike lanes?

    There ARE people who bike here now… and we don’t need to add a single person to this list to have justification to build safer bike lanes.

  • Demolish the hotel. Problem solved.

  • 4:53 i own a car and a bike. i commute in my car because i have to. i ride my bike any chance i get on weekends and nights — regardless of rain, snow, whatever. on top of that, i know plenty of people who also look forward to getting on their bikes. so… just wanted to point out that you clearly don’t know what you’re talking about.

  • dude,
    what are you talking about?

  • 4:53-fucking idiot.

    More bikes. Less cars. I hope the cars in the city get destroyed so there will be no cars. How nice would that be!

    Destroy all cars in NYC! Especially those gas guzzling suv’s. Destroy!!!

  • I 2nd the recommendation of keying cars parked in bike lanes. I would also add keying cars that are double parked, cars with alarms going off, and illegally parked city employee cars.

  • I wish that I wasn’t afraid to ride my bike more in the city. Biking isn’t just for fun, it’s also a valid form of transportation and it would be great if there were bike lanes that were separated from car traffic by concrete barriers.

  • I’m a big defender of greater protection/amenities for cyclists, including bike lanes, but really you have to wonder at the wisdom of having a bike lane run right past a busy hotel with constant drop offs and pick ups.

  • The hotel has a driveway for “constant drop offs and pick ups”! These cars should be in the driveway, not in the bike lane. And if they’re waiting, there’s plenty of space across the street (on the median) — you can see it in the picture!

  • I hate all the car traffic in NYC as much as anybody with a brain–but I think you’re out of your freakin’ mind to ride a bike in this town.

    You might not be such a hater of the internal combustion engine when you’re bleeding from the head and waiting for an ambulance.

    Whatever–it’s your bloody head….

  • They’re not ticketing these cars because they all belong to Marty Markowitz.

  • I thought the green paint just meant bonus points.

  • 4:53 you are clearly an IDIOT.

  • The green stripes have something to do with bicycles? Who in their right mind would be riding a bicycle on Adams Street? Bicycles are for the park. I thought the green stripes were for St. Patrick’s day. Ha!
    Bicycles? These guys in Boro Hall crack me up. They are the biggest kidders in the world.

  • I love bike lanes. I think everybody should ride a bike or take a bus. Except for me, i wouldn’t give up my lex for the world. I think they should put in congestion pricing and make people pay twenty bucks to cross the Brooklyn Bridge. Too many poor people are driving. You look over on the bridge and the people next to you are in some gas-guzzling jalopy from the last century. they should not be on the bridge. Put in tolls, put in congestion pricing, the roads should be for those who can afford them.

  • serious comment

    i really have written to and have been called back by the mayor department, the dot, and the police.

    all said that something was going to be done.

    that was over a year ago.

    i guess i am not dead yet so it is not worth fixing the problem

  • 4:58 PM “Demolish the hotel. Problem solved”

    I guess this was a shot at sarcastic humor.
    The Marriot was a serious milestone in the rebirth of Brooklyn. Brooklyn has become a destination! I am glad they are doing well.

  • I also think it’s a real set up for failure to put a bike lane there. OF COURSE there is going to be increased traffic and standing in front of a hotel. There must be some other place to put the bike lane.

    I’m totally in favor of biking being made easier in the city, but I can’t tell you how many times in the last two weeks I have been almost run down by people on bikes, all of whom were not wearing helmets, and most of whom were white, middle class parents/business people or hipsters, NOT delivery people.

  • Chiming in a little late here, but I was driving up Bedford Ave today, and I cannot believe the way that certain drivers will take that bike lane and use it as their personal express lane. One livery driver sped by me at at least 50 mph this morning. It’s a huge bike lane that should add a lot of safety, but i felt terrified for the bicyclists I saw along my way. I have to drive for my job, but I always try to give courtesy to bicyclists. If the roads were a little safer, it would be a preferred method of transit for a lot more people (including myself).

  • It looks pretty to clear to me that the autos in this pic are TLC, FHV, limos, black cars or whatever you might call them.
    The driver is probably sitting there at the wheel.
    IMHO – the growth of this ‘industry’ in NYC is by far on of the largest contributers to ‘congestion’ that the mayor supposedly is trying to alleviate. But glaringly, they are left out of any ‘congestion pricing’ scheme.
    (is it because the users of this service are
    a different demographic?)
    In midtown traffic they are as common or more common than yellow cabs. They park (or stand if you prefer) in no parking zones, truck loading zones (forcing trucks to double park or continue circling), double park on avenues, and line side streets waiting for next call.
    They seem immune to any enforcement by police whether blocking bike lanes or anywhere else they choose to wait (and of course this time of year sit idling spewing fumes).

  • Well, I guess it’s obvious we ain’t in Amsterdam anymore. What anger against cyclists and weird opinions about cycling.

    8:54, can you conflate a few more issues in your rant? As a non-white cylist, who is not a delivery person and who doesn’t wear a helmet, I wonder where I fit in to your demographic. Bad cyclists are just that: bad. Nothing to do with the majority who are respectful of pedestrians. Bad motorists are just that also, though there seems to be many more of them.

    And afa the OT is concerned, the cycle lane should stay and be free of cars. Period.

  • You’re right guest@4:07

    I work in a similar way when I slash the tires of all bikes parked illegally.

    After all, anyone who’s parked incorrectly deserves to have their property destroyed.

    Where do you leave your bike by the way? Just asking….

  • I second rjlovie; the Bedford Ave bike lane has got to be the biggest death trap for bikers in all of Brooklyn and I can’t believe the cops are making zero effort to do anything about it.

    If you are biking you will get taken down by the the livery cars/suv’s using it as a passing lane, and if you are a sane driver trying to make a left across the bike lane you will get taken out by the same.

  • Ah, yet another pleasant dialog. Makes my heart leap with joy.

  • CMU – may I ask why you don’t wear a helmet? Do you not have relatives who would be impacted if you had an accident and sustained a serious head injury? Do you have enough medical insurance that your immediate and long term care would not trickle down to the average taxpayer? Or is it just that you like the feeling of the wind in your hair, and bugger anything else?

    I thought it was the law that cyclists had to wear helmets. If you break the law by not wearing one, please don’t complain about drivers who also break the law.

  • um..not sure if it was mentioned or not, but a bike lane with a sewer grate right in the middle = accident (and lawsuit??) waiting to happen, no? at the very least a trashed set of rims…

  • 11:45: There is no helmet law for adults in New York. Additionally, drivers who break the law put others at risk; cyclists who don’t wear helmets put themselves at a (comparably quite minor) risk. There’s no comparison.

  • I also complained about this bike lane to the DOT. They forwarded my e-mail to the local police precinct who wrote to tell me the problem was because of the design and so it was a DOT issue. Like most other bikers I see, I usually use the express lanes on Adam street which, despite the speed of traffic and the storm drains, is more practical than weaving back and forth over those brick separators.

    BTW, I both drive and bike in this city as well as walk and use the buses and subways. Sometimes I even take a taxi or car service. There’s no reason everyone needs to always be in everyone else’s way. If you need to stand, find a hydrant or double park — try to impact as few other street users as possible. It doesn’t take a genius and it doesn’t have to require legions of ticket-writers.

  • Are we still talking about this? Oh brother.