Enrique Norten to Join Frank Gehry in Park Slope

The L-shaped property at 23-31 Garfield Place recently bought by NYC-based developer Maxburgh Companies for $5.2 million will be the site of Park Slope’s next starchitect-designed project, reports The Brooklyn Eagle. Enrique Norten of Ten Arquitectos will create 20 family-sized condos (with 12 parking spaces) on the 10,150-square-foot property, which runs through the block to 578-582 Carroll Street. The current plans also include a 4,000-square-foot English-style garden and a 6,000-square-foot solarium on the roof. No word on prices but you gotta assume they’ll be well in excess of $1,000 a foot.
Prime Slope Site Sells for $5.2M [Brooklyn Eagle] GMAP P*Shark
Top photo by Kate Leonova for Property Shark; satellite photo from Google.

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  • wow. impressive. look forward to seeing the renderings.

  • I doubt about the well in excess of $1000 a/ft.

  • wouldn’t you rather live on the other end of garfield? closer to the park rather than toxic waste?

  • if you knew anything about park slope, you’d know there is no toxic waste between 4th and 5th avenues.

    and some might prefer being close to the park but others would like to be close to the amazing restaurants, bars and shops steps away on 5th avenue.

  • On the one hand, I sold my condo across the street from this just in time to avoid construction noise and annoyance. On the other… do starchitect buildings make the condos around them worth even more? Ah well….

    Thanks for this bit of knowledge, though. We were dying to know what would go in.

    And it is a WONDERFUL area. Fabulous 5th Avenue and nice neighbors and tons of families and close to the subway. Anyone who thinks blocks between 4th and 5th like this one are ‘less than’ is living in the past. We loved living there.

  • this is 3 blocks and one ave from where whole foods is going. the last map showed the flow of toxins TOWARDSS this general direction. i’d rather live near the park

  • sorry, 6:58, wrong again.

    toxic waste doesn’t move uphill.

    thanks for the ignorant posts though.