Condos of the Day: 794 St. John’s Place

A reader who lives a couple blocks away from the newly renovated and converted condo building at 794 St. John’s Place in Crown Heights stopped by the open house last weekend and sent us the following report:

These places are actually pretty nice. The finishes aren’t trying too hard to be fancy but are edging toward hip. But the unique thing about these is: the price. They are priced low enough that a young person, who is just starting out, might actually be able to afford one. They are all one bedrooms. The two bigger ones have underground rec rooms (with one dark window) and private outdoor space. Downside is this block is far from pristine and still needs a few more years of makeover. Upside is great train access: 2/3 is two short blocks away and the 5 during rush hour. Plus Franklin Avenue stop is only a 10-minute walk.

Has anyone else checked these places out? According to the agent at the open house, they are 50% sold.
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  • Always a bad idea to put a stove at the end of the kitchen cabinets. Looks bad, food will be all over the floor. also it might be a good idea to install a kitchen faucet.

  • if i may say so – these are steals – exactly the type of renovation that will appeal to the young Brooklyn buyer – well done – developers please take note – boymelgreen, a neighbor, for one – the hood aint great but times they are a changing…

  • Yeah, I checked these out a few weeks ago…no way in hell would I buy on that street. When we were waiting on the stoop for the agent to arrive, some crack whore walked up to us and asked us for money! Loud music was playing a couple buildings down and angry looking teenagers were hanging out on the stoop next door….

  • Yeah, I checked these out a few weeks ago…no way in hell would I buy on that street. When we were waiting on the stoop for the agent to arrive, some crack whore walked up to us and asked us for money! Loud music was playing a couple buildings down and angry looking teenagers were hanging out on the stoop next door….

  • Yeah, I checked these out a few weeks ago…no way in hell would I buy on that street. When we were waiting on the stoop for the agent to arrive, some crack whore walked up to us and asked us for money! Loud music was playing a couple buildings down and angry looking teenagers were hanging out on the stoop next door….

  • im sure there is a faucet on the island. (what a stupid comment)

  • when did start working outside of Williamsburg and DUMBO?

  • You can plainly see the faucet along the brick wall (not on the island, but between the countertop/range wall and the island).

  • I agree, this immediate area has a long way to go. Unless this apt. has sound-proof windows and walls, I’d move on.

  • ok, the area needs improvement, THAT’S why they cost 250K dollars!!!!!

    what do you expect?? they are priced according to what the neighborhood is like NOW!! isn’t that one of the biggest complaints about other brooklyn neighborhoods like clinton hill where the prices are what the neighborhood probably WILL be like in 5-10 more years.

    these are priced low and are nice spaces for what they are. i think it’s terrific and a great chance for younger people to get in on the market. they are a great investment.

    not EVERYONE is scared of people sitting on stoops, you realize…

  • Now the 400K Scarano Special studios in Bushwick REALLY make no sense.

  • I think it’s strange that the refrigerator is on the wall opposite the kitchen, not actually within the kitchen.

  • Bob Marvin, this is what needs to happen in PLG – anything like this happening or what? I’d take this is PLG over St John’s in a heartbeat b/c of Park access.

  • nice places, but they sure aren’t in prospect heights, and they certainly aren’t “a neighbor to park slope” as stated in the listing.

  • Crown Heights is on the way up, no doubt about it. There are some new restaurants and cafes in the area on Classon and Franlin aves, and more coming. Even a new nightclub on Nostrand, Secrets. Like the poster at 1:18 said, these places are priced for the neighborhood now, not what it could be like in 5-10 yrs if things keep changing they have been the last few. I hope CH gets many more of these kind of conversions and developments. It’s people moving in to places like these that will bring some fancier amenities to Nostrand.

  • I think a crack whore is a nice amenity.

  • There’s a thread on about a murder that occurred yesterday just around the corner from these apartments:

    Not an uncommon event in those parts.

  • As someone who just bought a house a coulpe of blocks away from here (St. John’s and Franklin) I feel the need to defend the hood. I haven’t even moved into my place yet but have already met several of my future neighbors, all very welcoming homeowners, some of whom have owned their homes for decades. St. John’s is close to the express trains and while I agree this is not Prospect Heights, it is also not a very long walk to the park.

    In response to 12:55, some comparison to other more “desirable” neighborhoods is warranted. Until a couple years ago I lived in uberhip northside Williamsburg, on Kent Avenue where all the new developments are popping up. There were several resident crack whores (although I couldn’t see how they ever did much whoring given their apparent constant state of intoxication) and there were a number of armed robberies right in front of my building. Not to mention the constant parade of drunken 20-somethings on weekend nights — once one of them started feeding my dog a beer through the window. This somehow bothered me even though I was still 20-something at the time myself.

  • someone also got murdered in the upper east side yesterday. what your point?

  • Stop with the red herring, 2:11. Take a moment to compare crime stats between UES and Crown Heights and you’ll see that the latter’s is significantly higher. There are some nice sections of CH, but this ain’t one of them.

  • I agree with the defense of Crown Heights (2:02). I Moved to St. John’s & Bedford early this year.

    Before buying, I read the all the posts on brooklynian, and was frightened out of my mind before moving to the neighborhood– I have to say that many of the posts on that board bear little resemblance to my experience with the area. If that’s all you read you may be doing yourself a disservice.

    I do not deny crime happens, however it’s not the blighted war zone it was made out to be.

    It IS loud, that’s a given, people like their music. But the proximity to the Brooklyn Museum, Botanic Gardens, and everything else has been fantastic.

  • Murders are down year-on-year in Crown Heights… Just defending my hood. This block definitely needs some more, dare I say, “gentrification” but these are cheap. I actually think the market for these should be people who already live in the hood and won’t be freaked out by the block.

  • The brokers from Apts and lofts constantly troll blogs. They also don’t know much of any neighborhood besides Williamsburg. Not sure how they stay in business.

  • considering yours is the 2nd most troll-like comment on this thread, 2:44 i find your comment incredibly hypocritical.

    these are great places at great prices in a newly gentrifying neighborhood. it’s what clinton hill was 7 years ago.

    try opening your brain up a tiny bit, if that’s possible.

  • This looks like an interesting building. Great for someone young just starting out.

  • I checked out the open house and got a number of the questions raised here answered. Aptsandlofts took this on as a new venture and given the success in the neighborhood will probably do more in this area. But, I’ll say my experience with the first broker I dealt with this property was not positive.

    Whoever priced the units screwed up – not because of the low price but because they priced the sunny, window filled apartments that are slightly smaller lower than the slightly larger, dark, nearly windowless back apartment. So, the sunny ones flew of the market and fairly rightly so.

    There’s also a great looking roof deck being built with an awesome view BUT to get to it you go through a fairly easy to break into door on the fourth floor. The roof is easily accessible through other roofs so the safety issue this presents made me pretty darn nervous.

    It’s one of the only new developments in the 225K range and it’s decent for the price. Somewhat cheaply renovated (cabinets are IKEA looking) but what do you expect right? It is on one of the less safe feeling blocks in that neighborhood (I like the neighborhood – very working class and such).

  • I’ve seen these units and I wouldn’t pay 2 cents for them!

  • Crown Heights is a mixed area. some streets are nice, some are awful.
    I agree it is an area on the way up although it will not happen overnight.
    Give it seven to ten years.

  • All I keep hearing is “great for someone young.” Can’t the brokers from this firm say something different when they are trying to be actuall people? Everyone knows Apts and lofts is a joke. Sorry just had a really bad experience with these people, they take any project they can get their hands on and it’s usually crap like this.

  • I went to an open house a few weeks ago, and I was not the slightest bit impressed. The bedroom is tiny with a really small closet (notice there aren’t any pics of the bedroom on the aptsandlofts website). Come to think of it, aptsandlofts didn’t list the square footage or floorplans on most of the units – if people saw the floorplans, they would realize how small these units are and wouldn’t bother going to the open house. Also, the rec room isn’t that nice. The floor is tiled, which to me means that there’s always the possibility of flooding.

  • i guess aptsandlofts is doing something right. 50% sold acording to their website

  • Apparently, all of these are sold but one unit 8/13/07

  • Kendra, I sent in the listing.. I am not a broker. I live in the neighborhood. I sent in the listing because the prices were sooo low… Which is why the finishes aren’t that high end.. for a first apartment for someone YOUNG… I think these are fine…

  • I’ve lived in the neighborhood since 2001, and it’s not CH’s most attractive stretch. The sidewalk across the street was a longtime open-air weed market on some nights, and teenagers and other folks tend to hang around the small liquor store, also directly across the street. That being said, the area is relatively safe – I’ve never seen anything untoward occur there. It’s got room to grow, but I think it’s worth the risk.

  • Haven’t seen the apartment. If I were interested in seeing the place, I’d be turned off by the fact that it’s on a two-way street!


  • Haven’t seen the apartment. If I were interested in seeing the place, I’d be turned off by the fact that it’s on a two-way street!


  • I am so tried of people moving into “my” neighborhood and then change takes place. Like as soon as a few yuppies move to Crown Heights the cops clean up the crime. But when the churches and the people organized to get the crime out all thoughts fell on deaf ears. Do you know anything about Crown Heights? How dare one poster say its needs more “gentrification” what does that mean? Or maybe that means a sushi restaurant on Franklin and Dean on one side and crackheads and bums on the other.Who is the new Brooklyn for? I just graduated college and in’t en afford these crazy prices for the hood? Are you kidding me?I don’t mean to place a race card oyt there but it bothers me. Brooklyn was so deprived and cracked out, and the few blacks like myself had to move ou to Queens, Hollis and Springfield Gardens just to get a quality of life.Whites were scared to move into Brooklyn, yet now crackheads and bums don’t scare them anymore.Guess why because as some have stated in 5 years it will change, or gentifried.So, where will I be, on a modest income? Will I, like many others be pushed out of Brooklyn, back down south?How can anyone with a average income afford a million dollar condo? Trust me I don’t like the crackheads, and ghetto trash who blast their music to 2am or people sitting on St Johns cooking like they are in a damn park. But, why does change only come when more affluent or yuppies move in?

  • 3:03, recent college graduates should possess much better typing skills. Get it together.

  • It was 3am it the morning, do you have anything constructive to say?

  • Yes, brother. I’m black like you, from East New York. I graduated high school, took out some loans, worked my ass off, graduated from LIU, and saved and rented and saved and rented until I could buy my house in Crown Heights. I sure as hell didn’t move to Queens. Like you, I don’t like crackheads, ghetto trash who blast their music to 2am or people sitting on St Johns cooking like they are in a damn park. So I’m doing something about it. I made some money, bought a house here in Crown Heights (it can be done if you make it a priority) and I’m trying to make it nice for me and my family. I’m trying to be an example of someone I would respect. I’m not crying about the white man and yuppies, and I’m not being forced out. I’m ASSERTING myself as an intelligent man who can do as well for himself as anyone else can, black OR white. AND, I have a son in college, whom I also tell to GET IT TOGETHER when he types poorly.

  • First of all, I know how to type properly, and I am not blaming anyone for the issues going on in Brooklyn. If anyone read my post accurately,they would know Brooklyn is becoming unafforable for the average person. Maybe your are fourty five and make a salary in the six figures range.But, I just graduated from college and can not afford a home on a $35,000 salary.Times have changed, and no matter how you sliceitthe average college grad can not afford to rent or buy in Brooklyn. Especially, if one graduated with $20,000 dollars in loans.
    Furthermore,did you forget the downtrodden and despicable Brooklyn of years ago?No!Why was Brooklyn allowed to remain a warfare zone for so long? Why don’t the 71st and 77nd precincts respond to noise compliants?
    Why did all the drug dealers and crackheads on Troy Ave dissapear when more affluent, and yes white people move in?Before that for years we fought to get crime out of Brooklyn, and build up the community. So, why doesn’t anyone see the difference?
    By the way maybe you are one of the brownstone owners in Crown Heights that have the ghetto mafia sitting on their stoop.Don’t you see the influx of people moving back down south who cann not afford a million dollar home? The average American can not afford a brownstone on a modest income.

  • Sure you can’t afford to buy a home in Crown Heights at $35,000 a year. You’re going to have to make more money, or get a partner or mate, or move somewhere else and save money until you can buy in Crown Heights. That’s the way it is. This is NEW YORK CITY, not down south. Anything that’s worth having is difficult to acquire, especially here. Stop whining and figure out a way to get it done if you want to buy a home here so badly. You complain about street trash and how it wasn’t cleaned up until white folks showed up, but there’s still crime here and in other parts of the city. It’s an oversimplification – and an tired excuse – to say that crime and street people disappeared because white folks live here. I’m 44 actually, and when I was growing up here, neighborhoods all over had crime problems. Trust me, in many ways, things are a lot better now. Two more points: the only people who sit on my stoop are my wife, my son (when he’s home from school) and my dog. I don’t let bums on my property, pal. And, your typing is as crappy as ever.

  • My typing is not crappy as ever, and I am not whining. I am just so upset about what is happening to my neighborhood.Therefore, I am typing erractly.Also, it is obvious that you are blind to your surroundings.
    Crown Heights was horrible a few years back, and the cops did nothing about it. For years the community protested and marched agaisnt the crime here.For example last week the project kids from down the block decided to have a huge party behind my building.I live on the first floor, and I have a 22 month old baby, so I became very irate. I called 311 and put in several complaints. I also called the 77th precint several times, and they did not come over. My entire apartment was shaking from the vibrations from the speakers. So, as a concerned mother I am sick of calling the cops and walking down St Johns while people barbeque. Now that new residents moved a few blocks away the cops respond immediately.So I am not whining I just want to know why the cops don’t respond when I call.
    Oh yeah did you forget how bad Franklin and Nostrand Ave were? Now its called Prospect Gardens,whereas a few years ago you could not even walk down those streets without being shot.

  • Presenting these as viable options for young professionals is a great thought. This young professional lived quite happily in Crown Heights until I was mugged at knifepoint on Eastern Parkway. These Condos are indeed a great investment, but the neighborhood still has a LONG way to go. My money is better spent in Park Slope’s tiniest studio.

    Guest 9:58-Great advice. Though it was not meant for me, thank you.