Development Watch: South Slope Supersizer!

We were making a beer run pilgrimmage to Greenwood Heights on Saturday when we got an eyeful of the Issac Katan building rising at 162 16th Street. Located between 4th and 5th Avenues, this was supposed to be the “sister” building of 182 15th Street; the 16th Street building was vested (despite what we’ll generously call “aggressive” foundation pouring tactics) while 15th Street vesting was denied by the BSA back in July. In addition to the foundation pouring brouhaha, this bad boy has quite a dodgy history including illegal demolition as well as unpermitted asbestos removal and lead abatement. And what MMG project would be complete without a little worker injury! Let’s see, what else: Stop Work Orders, illegal floor additions, and cracks in the foundation. As far as we can tell, DOB has been at best negligent and at worst complicit in the myriad violations in this case. GMAP

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  • This part of 5th Ave is changing rapidly and, for better or for worse, this building is going to keep those changes coming. There are a number of other new buildings/major renovations within a block or two of this. 5th Ave in the South Slope is suddenly being populated by banks, H&R Block, and of course a doggie daycare. And does anyone know what the bar/restaurant going in on 5th Ave between 15th and 16th is going to be?

  • i enjoyed hearing you on wnyc brownstoner!

  • Mr. B:

    Was your pilgrimage to Eagle Provisions?

  • 2 words:

    shit sandwhich.

  • I have 2 more words.
    “Death Trap”

  • I just passed that shit hole.
    What the fuck is wrong with the people collecting our taxes?
    How could they allow something so obviously destructive to the Community to be built in that area?
    It is obvious for any one to see that this Katan has no regard for anything. I saw the cracks in the walls, Day Laborers, hanging from the side of the building with no protection for them or the people that they were dropping things on. The Sidewalk Bridge is Lop Sided and looks like a good gust of wind will knock it down. They are obviously hiding something by the fact that the front of the site has tarps covering every little hole so that no one will see what they are doing inside.

  • I have 2 more words…ill-legal. Wait, that’s one.

    And this is one. For those of us in the “know” we saw how illegally, dangerously and flauntidly (is that a word?) Katan threw in the foundation before the rezoning (thank God we have stopped the sister site on 182 15th St, for now) and what a shit box (there’s 2 words) he’s thrown up now. Gotta love a developer who “pukes” all over the neighborhood in the name of progress and profit (emphasis on profit).

    “Buyer beware” when this goes on the market…or the way things are going, it may be “renter beware.”

    It’s a shame we will all be paying for this 5 years from now when the horrific inevitability happens: the building crumbles under its own weight and shoddy building techniques.

    Look out Gowanus, Mr. K’s on the way!

  • Let’s hope it’s only 5 years. If not, we will be paying for it for about 20 years thanks to 421a. Welfare for the rich.
    There is something very wrong about an administration which will spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to arrest bicycle riders while turning a blind eye to the life threateningly illegal acts of a few wealthy Developers. I hope Katan, Boymelgreen, Gutman, Keilbasa and the rest of those money hungry scum, all burn in hell together with there money.

  • yes, let’s hope that no one lives there, so our community will have a huge vacant building. that’s good for the neighborhood. you guys kill me.

  • It won’t be vacant. Real estate is too expensive. Rather, a worthwhile and quality construction would go up. That WOULD be good for the neighborhood.

  • The only people who are happy about that piece of shit are the ones who have or will profit from it. I Know a certain scumbag who was violently opposed to it until Katan started waving money in his face for a nearby property. He used to put glue in the locks of the site and smashed the windows on the back hoe. Now all of a sudden he loves it and Katan. He used to call Katan “That Fuckin Jew” now he calls him Mr. Katan.
    I guess money means more to some than there souls and conscience.
    So I have to say to all those who are posting the ridicules approvals of this and other similar projects.
    “What was the price for your soul?”

  • I guess it’s safe to say that Mr. K paid off the wrong person because it didn’t do him any good at 182 15th.
    How poetic. One scumbag buy’s off another scumbag and neither of them got what they wanted. The 2 of them should spend eternity together.