Sponsored: Wonk, an Early Studio in the Made-in-Brooklyn Movement


Brooklyn magazine wrote that “the reason that Brooklyn is what it is today is because of the people who opened small businesses so that they could build a life here. And those are the kind of people who will keep things good.”

Wonk is one of these businesses. Established in 2004, Wonk was one of the early design studios to contribute to the made-in-Brooklyn movement when they opened their doors on Jay Street in Dumbo. Now with a showroom in Clinton Hill, Wonk produces a line of sleek, streamlined, accessible and affordable furniture. 

Wonk Clinton Hill showroom commodes

One of the fun things about getting furniture from Wonk is that they give you many ways to express your own design vision. It goes like this: You select the furniture you want from their catalogue, choose the finish and hardware, and specify details like colors and the direction of the wood grain. You can take home color swatches, stand back, scratch your head, and imagine how the pieces will look in your home. Their palette is sophisticated enough for adult spaces but fun and whimsical enough for the kids’ rooms too. Though the furniture comes in standard sizes, you can specify the dimensions, and not put yourself in that awful position of bringing home something that doesn’t fit!

Wonk Clinton Hill showroom

Wonk uses eco-friendly materials and finishes. They have a bed design that’s unique because there is no hardware in it. The pieces fit together like a puzzle. Plus, all bed designs are super easy to assemble and have storage built in, enabling good space optimization for our tight New York City apartments. In fact, most of Wonk’s furniture has storage space, even the coffee tables. These designs balance the sometimes competing needs of design and functionality too.

Stop by their showroom in Clinton Hill to check out their product line plus some one-of-a-kind items for sale. Next time we’ll go behind the scenes for a tour of the Wonk design studio in Bushwick, so stay tuned!

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