Sponsored: Five Things You Might Want to Know About Apartment Insurance


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    1. What does your building or landlord’s master insurance policy cover? It might not be anything more than the bare walls in your building’s common areas.

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    2. Will subletting your apartment void your policy? The recent debate over the legality of Airbnb has brought this question to a boil. You might be able to add coverage for long-term sublets, but short-term sublets like Airbnb will void your policy.

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    3. Maybe you should add your roommate to your policy? If you live with a roommate who is not your spouse or domestic partner and you want them to be covered by your policy, you might have to add his or her name to your policy.

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    4. Do you know what you actually need to do to make a claim? Just as you wouldn’t expect to win a lawsuit without evidence, you shouldn’t expect to make an insurance claim without documentation. So, definitely don’t throw away damaged property before an adjuster has had a look — especially if there has been a flood or fire.

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    5. During a renovation, what happens if one of the workers damages your stuff, or worse, gets hurt? In New York City, contractors are required to have liability, workmen’s comp, and disability insurance. Make sure they have these before you start the project — and ask one of Gotham’s insurance professionals if you have questions.

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    You can request a free insurance quote from Gotham. In Brooklyn, renters’ insurance rates start at around $145 per year, and condo and co-op insurance start at around $260. For other useful articles, like How to Make Sure Your NYC Apartment Insurance Claims Won’t Be Denied, visit Gotham’s website. Get in contact with Gotham by emailing info@gothambrokerage.com or calling (212) 406-7300.

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