Marlon Peterson Speaks About Gun Violence in Brooklyn on BRIC TV


    With the nation focused on the seemingly intractable problem of gun violence, BRIC TV has introduced a series of three videos on how this problem manifests itself on the streets of Brooklyn—and what Brooklynites are doing about it.

    “Gun Violence in Brooklyn, Part 1” — which you can watch above — tells the story of Marlon Peterson. He was incarcerated for ten years due to his involvement in an armed robbery, and his experience with the criminal justice system inspired him to become a social justice advocate. Peterson is the creator a project called Safe Child Zones.

    Peterson talks about his upbringing in Crown Heights, and how events in his life contributed to behaviors that led to gun violence and tragedy. The video was shot by Chris Raddatz, and produced and edited by Natasha Gaspard.

    BRIC TV is an award-winning network devoted to showcasing the best of Brooklyn. The non-profit cable channel produces a diverse lineup of borough-centric documentaries, hyper-local news, scripted series, and more.

    “Gun Violence in Brooklyn, Part 1: Marlon Peterson” is available on Time Warner Cable 756, Cablevision 70, Verizon 46, streams live on BRIC TV and on YouTube.

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