Become an Ambassador for Your Brooklyn Neighborhood


    Let’s face it. Some of us weren’t made for desk jobs. We’d rather be our own bosses, with fun co-workers, lots of opportunity for advancement, fresh air, and the chance to meet interesting people.

    Oh, and also you’ll able to preview some of the coolest apartments in Brooklyn. That’s nice isn’t it?

    MySpace NYC agents aren’t the usual desk jockeys meeting quotas — they’re ambassadors for their neighborhoods.

    Now there are currently over 130 agents at MySpace, and that number is growing daily. They’re a young, eclectic bunch — including actors, musicians, bar owners, film-makers, and photographers — and they know their way around Brooklyn. Most of them live in the neighborhoods they work in, and they will do whatever they can to help their new neighbors find a home, and get settled and acquainted with the area.

    If they sound like your kind of people, you’re in luck. MySpace NYC is looking for new agents.

    It’s a chance to dive headfirst into the exciting and dynamic world of Brooklyn real estate, and MySpace gives its agents the tools to succeed. MySpace gives its new agents training from day one.

    Those who are motivated to rise through the ranks have a new opportunity to head up a team. MySpace NYC’s waterfall commission structure allows agents to be their own bosses while growing their own dedicated teams of agents. Basically, if you recruit new agents, and they recruit their own agents, you’ll get a percentage of each commission. (Watch the video above for more details of the program.)

    MySpace has branch offices in some of the hottest neighborhoods in Brooklyn: Bushwick, Crown Heights, Greenpoint, and Prospect Lefferts Gardens, and a new headquarters in Williamsburg. You can get an idea of what it would be like to live and work in these neighborhoods by checking out their branch office videos.

    MySpace NYC is growing by leaps and bounds. It’s known for its residential rental listings, but now it’s added to that a commercial real estate team, a sales department, and even a roommate-matching service that helps apartment hunters not only find the right home, but also the right people to share it with.

    If you’re interested in becoming an agent at MySpace NYC, here’s where to get started.

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