5 Tips to Renovate Your Bathroom and Increase Property Value at the Same Time


    One reliable way to increase the value of your home is through a considered bathroom remodel. According to Gallery Kitchen & Bath owner Aaron Popowsky, “renovated bathrooms generally immediately increase the apartment value by at least 80 percent of the amount you invest in the project.”

    Here are five of Popowsky’s tips for when you decide to undertake the project:

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    1. Pick the right vanity

    This can make or break your bathroom’s design. If the vanity is placed awkwardly in a traffic route, uses poor or mismatched materials, or doesn’t have enough storage, then you’ve installed your vanity in vain.

    Tip: Since vanities live in humid, wet and busy environments, the materials you use should be able to endure such hardship: Wood veneers, laminates, and thermofoil tend to work best. Leaving wet objects on a marble or onyx counter can stain easily.

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    2. Convert your tub to a shower

    The American Institute of Architects says the tub-less bathroom is growing in popularity. It saves space and is easier to clean.

    Things to consider: Figure out the shower-door swing. Where will you put the door in your new shower so it does not interfere with the toilet or vanity?

    Sliding glass doors or shower curtains can help solve door-swing problems.

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    3. Choose between recessed or wall-mounted medicine cabinets

    A medicine cabinet is the hearth of the bathroom, greeting us in the morning and ushering us to bed at night. But do you install recessed cabinets or wall mounted ones?

    Rules of thumb: Recessed cabinets look great as they tie into the surrounding architecture versus a surface mount. However, they might require more work than you anticipate to install between the studs, and in some cases they’re not possible to install.

    Wall-mounted cabinets, while easier to install, can take up much-valued space. Also, the cabinet variety is limited by the constraints of the design.

    Know which you prefer and choose the right one for your situation.

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    4. Extend tile on the walls beyond shower area

    Can’t decide if you should continue a build out of a shower wall?

    Things to consider: A glass panel allows light to enter the space nicely.

    Tile is also an opportunity for visual interest. Look at design websites and see what pops out. A larger tile area improves the look and function of the bathroom.

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    5. Create unique storage areas and built-in niches

    Don’t assume that because a space is small, you can’t design places to store extra toilet tissue, supplies and towels.

    Open niche spaces or shelves add to the design and functionality of your space.

    If you have any questions about your bathroom, kitchen, or interior remodel, contact Gallery Kitchen & Bath today.

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