What is Brownstoner Concierge?

Brownstoner Concierge is a free live chat service where a real person helps you find local pros and community know-how tailored to your needs. Prefer to speak over the phone? Email concierge@brownstoner.com to speak with a concierge.

How it works

You tell us what you’re looking for.
Our knowledgeable concierge will help you find either pros who can help or information that can help you move forward.
We’ll check in periodically to see how things are going.


Is it really free?

Yes! Brownstoner Services Concierge is free for users.

How do you find pros?

Based on the information you provide, we reach out to Brownstoner Services Pros who match your budget, location, and other factors, and then pass along the pro’s contact information to you. If none of our pros provides the service you need, we may expand our search.

Will you give out my contact information?

No. The pros won’t receive your contact information unless you contact them.

Am I going to get spammed by Brownstoner?

No. We only send you information you’ve requested.

How are Brownstoner Services Pros connected to Brownstoner?

Brownstoner Services Pros are local businesses and professionals who advertise their services on our site. As such, we don't independently guarantee, warrant, or evaluate their work. Although we are not responsible for their qualifications or the quality of their work, we'd love to hear about your experiences with our pros, whether good or bad.

Can you give me legal or other professional advice?

No. We aren't lawyers or licensed by any governmental authority, and we don't give professional advice. Our advice is never intended to take the place of a legal or other professional opinion.

Do Brownstoner Services Pros pay to be referred to me, or if I hire them?

Never. Brownstoner Services Pros pay us only to be included in our Services marketplace. We do not request and would not accept any additional amounts from them either to give us a bonus for your successful transaction or to increase our referrals to them.

Will you help me negotiate a deal with a Brownstoner Services Pro?

No. We cannot advise you on contract negotiations, nor can we tell you, other than in general terms, about prevailing rates or services one might expect from a provider. While we cannot provide you with this kind of information, we might direct you to our Forum, where our community discusses their experiences.

Where is Brownstoner Concierge available?

Brownstoner Concierge is available in Brooklyn and Manhattan, NYC.