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Todd Haiman Landscape Design in New York City designs and builds residential gardens, brownstone gardens, townhouse gardens, roof gardens, large landscapes, vacation properties and public spaces.


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We offer custom garden design, project management, budgeting and cost estimating services, scheduling, oversight and installation of these landscapes. Additionally, we support our clients with long term oversight of their landscapes to insure their lasting beauty.

Principle Todd Haiman received his graduate degree with a Master of Science in Landscape Design from Columbia University. As a precursor to entering the graduate program at Columbia University, Haiman at the prestigious New York Botanical Gardens within the School of Horticulture and Landscape Design.

He is currently a member of the Royal Horticultural Society, Association of Professional Landscape Designers (APLD), American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA). American Institute of Architecture (AIA) and Metro-Hort. His work has been in international exhibitions and won awards for sustainablity. He is presently faculty within the Columbia University graduate Landscape Design program.


We contracted with Todd early in 2014 to design our rear garden. We gave him a clean slate to work with - a 55x20 completely empty dirt lot. He spent a good deal of time with us talking about what we envisioned our dream garden to be. My wife and I agreed on most things but each of us had some individual items that were important to us. Todd was able to come up with several very attractive design options that would incorporate both of our 'wish lists' and the fact that we have children and a large dog. He is one of the most creative and resourceful contractors we've ever worked with. Once we decided on a design, we began to discuss materials. Again, Todd was helpful in giving us a range of materials we could use in construction, depending on our tastes and budget. He worked with us to find the best sources for material and labor and listened to our concerns throughout the process. He proved to be a very capable general contractor, helping us find and coordinate other service providers, and working as supervisor and overseer of all subcontractors. As with any renovation, obstacles did arise. Todd was an efficient problem solver, coming up with creative solutions to drainage issues, a structural problem with the back wall of our garden and several other minor issues. Additionally, Todd has a vast knowledge and understanding of all manner of flora, and more importantly, of native plant species. He can advise on which plants will thrive in shade, sun, low water or wet conditions. He can also help match blooming and leafing plants to your color palette tastes. We have thoroughly enjoyed working with Todd and plan to use his services again soon to complete a front garden for our home.


We have been longitudinally installing a native garden across our property over a several year period. We had worked with a number of landscape architects over time. But we've never met someone quite like Todd. What you get with Todd is an artist. A photographer early in his career, Todd has a keen eye toward ergonomics, emotional response, and history. An annual visitor to the Chelsea Flower Show in London, I fully expect that one of his gardens will end up there. He is tireless in his work, and goes far beyond what any other designer or architect will provide. He gets to know your family, and by the time the project is done, he adds signatures that reflect that values of the people for whom he is working. He thinks outside the box and will surprise you with fresh ideas. He stays with a project, and will not settle for mediocrity from contractors. He makes the process fun and immerses you in the wonder of what he is trying to create. For those of you looking for an enjoyable ride as you design your garden, as well as the comfort of knowing that no detail will be missed--no stone will be left unturned--Todd is your guy. You will not be disappointed. So rare these days to encounter an artist/contractor who is so dedicated to his trade. Not convinced? Go visit his blog and you will know what I mean.


I contracted Todd Haiman Landscape Design to create an inspired garden for our brownstone garden in Brooklyn, New York. Todd adeptly designed our garden per our lifestyle and our needs. We were presented with brilliant xcreative designs and thorough solutions. Throughout the various phases of the job (design, administration, management, installation, etc.), Todd, his crew and the various contractors, all were very professional and conscientious. I highly recommend his work. His creation has greatly improved our life and appreciated the value of our property.

L. Hein

"I am wholeheartedly recommending Todd Haiman if you are interested in improving your garden space. Todd took our mess of a garden and worked with us, over the course of a year, to turn it into an amazing space. The whole year was not spent planting, since the season for that is short, but rather doing the preliminaries to make sure our garden would remain a beautiful place over the years by selecting the plants appropriate for our sun/shade/soil conditions, lifestyle (i.e., ability and interest to maintain the space), and vision (which was largely unformed and inarticulate, but somehow Todd understood our vague mutterings and turned into a place we'll enjoy all year round for years to come)."

C. Huang

Todd provided a terrific vision for my roof deck in NY City. Not an easy place to plan and install for. His knowledge of local species, weather conditions, contractor and installation recommendations allowed for a smooth process from start to finish. Todd provided creative and comprehensive design solutions in addition to overseeing the installation and completion of the project on budget.

J. Hendler

His work was thoughtful, creative and comprehensive in planning and building our garden. We greatly appreciated his use of sustainable and ecologically friendly methods in the construction phase of the job. We also appreciated his planting of the native plants (he educated us on them) that worked wonders in attracting butterflies and birds to our garden. It's pure entertainment to watch! My husband and I highly recommend his services.

Joanna H.

"We asked Todd to collaborate with us on creating an entrance garden for our condo building in Lower Manhattan. He worked with an exceptional contractor to custom build planters that were site specific, and the job was completed fluidly and quickly. As the setting was in a public space, he chose plants that have held up to the abuse. A beautiful combination of plants, they soften the hard architecture of the cast iron and brick facades. Our building now has a welcoming entrance, improving real estate value and putting a smile on our face every time we come home from a hard day at work and see the butterflies dancing among the flowers."

P. Mazer

Todd provide great service. He goes the extra step to provide you with as much detail as possible and as many options as he can conceive. He focuses on your vision and is devoted to delivering a project well within the parameters of your request. He is thorough and a pleasure to work with. He delivers a well focused and complete project

Joe Karb
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