GT Design

GT Design is an Italian company that creates innovation in the textile environment


Since 1977 GTDESIGN designing and producing objects with complete respect for man and the environment. The road taken in the '80s and' 90s led Deanna Comellini, designer and art director, and Michele Preti, with her head activity, to an idea of ​​design-not perfect, so authentic, real and emotional. Investment in research on materials and textile structures led to discover the untapped potential of a hazily-defined industry.

The textile element of the home, be it a rug or piece of furniture, for GTDESIGN becomes expressive and different, far from the standardization of industrial production. Innovations in the textile environment means starting from the individual and from gestures. For this we consider a project level, the free interpretation which everyone can contribute that brings forth inconsistencies, imperfections, manual workmanship and the direct pleasure of the material. GTDESIGN since 1997, is an active member of Children Care & Fair, an international association that deals with the protection of children's rights.