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Brooklyn's Downtown Renovations Corp strives to make your dreams come true with their trusted contracting work.


Choose the right contractor for the right reasons

It’s easy for a contractor to tell you how good their work is when the work is easy, cut and dry. What if there is a snag on your project… Your contractor opens a wall and there is a gas line, electrical cable or water main that nobody knew about? Or how unlevel your floor is compared to your ceiling when framing a room or hanging a cabinet or fixture or better yet… or how uneven the ground is when laying your foundation for your new addition on your home.

What makes a good contractor great is when their experience and professionalism shines under these unforeseen conditions. What also makes Downtown Renovations Corp. great is our dedication to your project and your vision and our determination to complete your renovation on time and within your budget.

In 40 years of experience doing home and commercial renovations in Brooklyn and surrounding areas in New York City and New Jersey we have relied solely on repeat business and referrals. Our workers and trades are extremely talented and understand our client’s needs.

We know if you are building a new room, renovating an existing room such as your kitchen, bathroom, living room you are very excited.

We also know if it is a major repair of your heating system, roof, plumbing or foundation you are not that excited. You are worried about cost and quality of the service, warranty, timing, permits if needed, design and layout and so on. We get it. We are on your team.

Many of our architects and designers understand building, design, and renovation… some do not. Many home owners understand this well, many do not. Downtown Renovations Corp. starts by discussing your project requirements, educating each other on your vision and immediately we start working as a team with you so you fully understand what is involved in your construction project.

We are dedicated to your project and an owner is on site and responsible for making sure we hit our marks. We also understand that some renovations are uncomfortable for the homeowner who still has to live and function next to the area being renovated. Noise, odors, cold or heat, weather conditions like rain and snow are all factors we work through with our clients.

We have many references, most likely many of your neighbors. We would love to show you samples of our work. You will truly enjoy working with Downtown Renovations Corp. and I am sure we will enjoy making your dream a reality. You can walk a few blocks and find one of our happy customers.

What can we do for you?

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