Country Floors

Country Floors has long occupied the fashion high ground in the ceramic tile and stone industry in the United States.


As such, the brand has a much deserved reputation as a go-to source for prominent designers and architects as well as fashion savvy consumers. So let’s learn a little bit more About Us.

The story of Country floors begins in 1964 with a New York still life photographer named Norman Karlson. Through his travels, Mr. Karlson developed the idea that there was a hole in the ceramic tile and stone market in the United States. A void that he eventually began to fill with unique items imported from Europe. Elegant Portuguese materials, classic Delft, terracottas and more were a part of the mix. All imported with an eye towards both quality and high artistic standard.

As time marched on, the company became more deeply involved in all areas of the creative process. Eventually this led to a pleasing degree of notoriety for being an organization that kept a serious collection of the finest designs from the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries.This has resulted in a long resume of luxury projects completed in both the residential and commercial spaces. Naturally, this helped the company earn consistent publication in major sophisticated design magazines.

Fast forward to 2016. With its headquarters in New York City, Country Floors maintains showrooms in three North American markets (New York, NY; Los Angeles, CA; San Francisco, CA) and dealers that service all areas beyond the major cities.

As a note: We at Country Floors hold design integrity through artistry, originality and quality as our benchmark and constantly strive for improvement. Let us show you!

Since 1964, the iconic brand that is Country Floors has furnished the world’s most prestigious architectural and design firms with ceramic tile, natural stone, glass, and custom made elements for residential and commercial luxury projects.