NHance Revolutionary Wood Renewal

At N-Hance, we provide the best solution for your wood renewal project whether it be the renewal of hardwood floors or bathroom and kitchen cabinets.


  • Wood Restoration
  • Wood Refinishing


N-Hance is a division of Harris Research Inc. Each individual franchise is independently owned and operated. Your local Long Island, NY N-Hance dealer is: Aaron Popowsky.

It used to be that the only way to get your wood products looking beautiful again was to have them refinished with a lot of sanding that threw dust all over your home or office and then having the project finished off by applying a toxic petroleum based varnish. You would have to move out of the space for up to a week and when you came back, dust would be all over everything and the smell would linger for weeks. That’s why we’ve developed a water based polyurethane at N-Hance that allows us to use innovative products and procedures and avoid all those hassles. There’s no longer any reason to put off your wood restoration project in Long Island, NY or the surrounding areas.

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