Tempaper is not your typical wallpaper, but a self adhesive peel-and-stick product.


Tempaper can easily be applied and removed. To apply, a back layer is peeled down to expose the adhesive. You can the press the paper onto a primed and painted surface and peel off to remove.

Our designs incorporate vibrant colors and art nouveau inspired patterns, which target teens, young adults, and urbanites. It's the ideal product for the renter, dorm room occupant, sub-letter, and home owner who is not comfortable committing to a permanent change in their environment.

Tempaper is an invaluable product when you're trying to solve stressful decorating dilemmas. It is an inexpensive product that promotes a "do it yourself" approach to decorating.

Tempaper eliminates the need to hire contractors to aide in the application. The most difficult and time consuming challenge you'll face is simply deciding on one of our beautiful designs!

Our state of the art materials, water-based adhesives and inks provide a design solution that is environmentally safe and friendly. Our product is lead-free, phthalate-free and VOC-free. Tempaper is 100% manufactured within the U.S.A.

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