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With more than thirty years experience, and a portfolio of projects ranging from major commercial developments to private residences, TSAR is a design-led business with the confidence to take a unique point of view and the technical expertise to deliver. The design team at TSAR work with architects, interior designers and private clients, to develop original, customised rugs and carpets for individual spaces. In addition, TSAR carries an extensive house collection, featuring understated classics through to high impact modern designs. Drawing on diverse influences, from botanic to industrial, designs from this collection are available in-store or, in keeping with our emphasis on customized service, can be made to order in any size and colour.

TSAR's approach is to design and produce a product that suits - not just find one that fits. TSAR designs for the space, the occupant and the purpose. Operating on the principle that a personalised service best meets the client's needs, we have structured our range to make custom-made products available for the same price per square metre as equivalent, ready-made items. Although much of the TSAR House Collection is available instore, the majority of our clients relish the opportunity to customise size and/or colours. For this reason large quantities of stock are not carried. As a result, TSAR has no stake in promoting particular styles or colours and can be flexible, responsive and truly objective in meeting our client's requirements

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