Wood, Steel & Glas, Inc.

Since 1971, Wood, Steel & Glas has been milling Atlantic White Cedar into high quality decking, siding and trim. Because of its remarkable resistance to decay and light silver gray color when weathered, this beautiful wood has been prized for centuries.


Wood, Steel & Glas is a family run business that has been specializing in white cedar and cypress for over 25 years. We mill our lumber on site in Madison, Connecticut. My father, architect Wilfred Armster, began using this wood in 1971 for his own architectural projects at the advice of a professor at the Yale Forestry School and has utilized it ever since. White cedar has a long history in New York, Pennsylvania and New England as it was favored by barn builders for its characteristic ability to resist decay and weather a light silver gray.

Native to New England and the entire eastern seaboard, this wood was appreciated by Native Americans who preferred it for their strip canoes. This light weight wood is easily worked and still the top choice for most boat builders. We are committed to effectively utilizing and conserving this renewable resource and continue to consult forestry experts on the physical properties of the wood as well as the most ecologically sound areas to harvest it. We pass this information on to users, informing them of the valuable physical properties as well as the inherent philosophical and historical reasons one might use these special woods.