We work together to solve problems and provide the highest quality services to our students and graduates. In our classrooms we create a learning environment to teach the skills needed in the modern workforce.


We provide a professional working and learning environment to all who walk through our doors. We set the same high expectations as our graduates' future workplaces, ensuring they have the skills and experience to succeed.


We are open and honest in our work and provide and ask for feedback from our whole community.


We use the evidence-based practice of Motivational Interviewing, proven in clinical and criminal justice settings to drive positive behavior change through exploring ambivalence, goal-setting, and empowering students and graduates to transform their own lives.


We have outcomes among the strongest in the workforce development industry--a high return on investment for our supporters. Read more about our impact here.


We cultivate an environment of respect in all aspects of our work. We acknowledge backgrounds and barriers


We have an evidence-based and employer-driven approach to training, job placement and career advancement, to respond to the changing needs of our students, graduates and community.


We use ongoing rigorous data analysis to drive programmatic enhancements and improvements.

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