Callidus Guild

Callidus Guild designs and installs surfaces and wallpapers in plasters, precious metals and handmade paints.


Our commissions are tailored to suit our clients' specific direction. A classical atelier of internationally trained artisans—we are renowned for bridging fine art and visionary design.
Our capabilities range from jewel box powder rooms to commercial projects. We encourage our clients to collaborate in the design of surfaces that compliment their vision. Through tooling, embedding and manipulating classical materials we create colors, patterns and textures to suit the most discriminating aesthetics.
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Principal artist Yolande Milan Batteau is an independently exhibited fine artist who brings decades of artistic materials and methods investigation to the hand crafted, fine art quality walls, panels and wallpapers she designs and fabricates as Callidus Guild.

Her Brooklyn-based atelier maintains vital dynamic relationships throughout the International creative community, and functions as a design space for clients to visit and develop projects.