My personal style is airy, organic, textural, and minimalist. I like to let the architecture and natural light steal the show, and make the furniture and accessories supporting characters. My favorite spaces use a neutral base and pops of color for personality. You can tour my own apartment here and here.

I’ve been an artist of many mediums: I’ve created graphic identities for businesses and organizations through logo design. I’ve intricately wire-wrapped silver and gemstone necklaces that made women feel beautiful. I’ve captured people’s essences and emotions through pen, acrylic, and watercolor portraits. For my interiors, clients can expect their homes to be approached as if they too were works of art: curated compositions of texture, color, pattern, and scale.

Regardless of my personal aesthetic, clients can trust that their homes will be tailored to fit their tastes and lifestyles. Their needs for representation and comfort are of the utmost importance. They are part of the process, from the initial idea to the final details. The end result of our collaboration is a home that is a true personal narrative.

I hold a Master of Science in Interior Architecture & Design from Drexel University. Check out three years of very hard work on the MS work tab!

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