Double 6 Studio



Double 6 Studio is conveniently situated at ground-level next to the waterfront of West street. With the stretching Manhattan skyline as your backdrop, this is a quiet yet ideal location in Greenpoint for stills, photo or catalog shoots, and film / video production. The area is full of artists, studios, and large production companies – it is a veritable and growing hub of the arts in New York City.

We have two elegant and entirely mobile, floating multi-purpose production spaces with:

16’ ceiling clearances, a 14’ high ground-level loading dock, artificial or natural lighting, cutting edge equipment, a fully shootable and camera accessible two floor apartment (equipped with two bathrooms and showers, two kitchens, private fitting rooms), two level stages/mezzanines, ceiling pipe grips, rooftop access, and make-up stations - everything to fit the needs of your work and your vision.