The Compound Cowork



When we created the Compound we envisioned a workplace that moved away from the mainstream concept of what a office should look like. Our space should make you want to loosen up that tie, kick off your shoes and get work done all at the same time. Yup. We got values.


Here at Compound Cowork we value our diverse community and promote inclusivity through our special events, marketing outreach and membership specials. Everyone and all business types can find a home here as long as you are respectful of others and willing to clean up after yourself. Whether you're a member or simply live in the neighborhood, definitely join us at our professional and personal development programming, art openings and member hosted workshops.


We believe the environment we create around us and within our bodies can play a big role in how we work for ourselves and other people. To this end, we collect and nourish our plant family, peppering all areas of the Compound with energy clearing crystals, green life and a team of people we can count on to bring our vision for the Compound to life and to you. Be sure to check out our sister location, Minka, a center for wellness and holistic living located just upstairs!