Brooklyn Metal Works

Classes and workshops in jewelry and metalsmithing, studio space for rent at a variety of levels and an exhibition space that hosts shows & lectures from artists from around the world!

Business Hours


  • Classes, workshop, private instruction & wedding band workshops
  • Studio space for rent at a variety of levels
  • Exhibition space


Brooklyn Metal Works (BKMW) is a metal art studio that offers space to rent for the development of work in the metalsmithing field, as well as offering concept based classes and gallery space to promote artists, designers and makers.The intention of this studio is to present a safe working and learning environment, complete with a wide inventory of tools and equipment. This collaborative setting is designed to foster exploration, encourage experimentation, and strengthen the knowledge base of all involved.Brooklyn Metal Works aims to promote the field of metalsmithing and to further critical dialogue among those who practice, write and invest time and energy into the field.


This is a fantastic place! The bench set-ups are great, Erin and Brian are friendly and helpful - in fact, eager to answer questions and help! - the equipment is excellent, well-maintained, it's clean, inviting, and creativity just oozes. Everyone there seems serious -- even first timers/beginners like me. I signed up for a class, and immediately fell in love with metal. The variety of classes is amazing -- you can "sample" different techniques, or get a basic understanding of all of the ways you can work with metal, both for forms, jewelry, whatever - and I quickly lost my fear of using the torch for soldering, and equipment for powder coating which at first seemed daunting. I make a living as an artist and writer but have never had the luxury of learning to create in three-dimension, and learning it right (rather than self-taught via video or book). They have lectures, short seminars, day seminars and longer classes. I am sure that professionals know about this place, but I would highly recommend it for anyone that is curious, or has always had a hankering to learn to make jewelry out of metal - powder coating, enameling, concrete jewelry, soldering, and other techniques that you can use to build and experiment. Highly recommended for beginner and pro alike. This is a treasure for the neighborhood!

D. H. Brooklyn, NY

I joined the studio this summer and love working on my jewelry here. It's a fantastic space, extremely well-run, and has high quality equipment & tools. Erin and Brian are friendly, considerate, and relaxed, and they really know what they're doing. There aren't a lot of places like this out there.

Leanne A. Westchester County, NY