The Bakery

The Bakery is a coworking/studio space founded in 2013 by Jason Kachadourian and Asa Pingree.


The idea grew from talk of getting a small space, a shop in which to make things collaboratively. Both founders connected over a shared interest in furniture, and have worked in a variety of fields and disciplines; as the project developed, the two realized that there was no reason to limit their range of skill sets, and figured out how to start pulling in other people working in creative fields.

The Bakery is for people like Jason and Asa: trained in the arts, and working in New York, across a variety of processes. The space, organized in a former kosher bakery, consists of a series of six studios, about a dozen desk spaces, and a spacious communal room that can be used for meetings, photoshoots, project planning, or sharing an XXL order of enchiladas from Mexico 2000.

There is also limited access to a fully-equipped woodshop and a roof garden.

The Bakery gallery serves as a showcase for the space, featuring projects from Bakery members, as well as guest curators and organizers.