With Superfront we want to give you the possibility to create high quality furniture and interiors at a sensible price. Just like other people who are interested in design we know that good taste is not synonymous with high prices.

We have tailored our fronts, handles, legs, sides and tops for Ikea’s cabinet frames. They are used by just about every interior designer today. People hire craftsmen to build exclusive site built interiors based on Ikea's cabinets. And then there is a lot of us who want to do it all ourselves. In short, we design furniture around a well-established foundation - a concept that puts our furniture into a completely different price category than any equivalent found on the High Street.

Think Superfront if you are going to build or renovate a kitchen. Or if you want to give your old wardrobe wall a new dress. Perhaps you would like to transform a Bestå cabinet and see what a self-confident colour, a pair of good looking legs, a beautiful pattern, and a stone top can do? Then we can help. We think it’s smart. It's economically sound and it encourages recycling. Practically all our products are made in Sweden. Only our stone products are manufactured abroad. We have chosen to climate compensate for our deliveries.

We have used our collective knowledge of furniture design and high quality furniture production to develop a carefully selected line of fronts, handles, legs, sides, tops, and colours.

You will soon discover that Superfront offers endless variations and possibilities and you will have fun putting together something truly unique. Good luck and have a super day!